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Are Real “RINO’s” Tea Party Members And The Ted Cruz’s Of The Republican Party?

Goldberg, previous professed Liberal, who is no Conservative

Members of the tea party wing of the Republican Party may consider “anyone to the left of Ted Cruz” to be a RINO — Republican in Name Only — but they should look in the mirror, says political pundit Bernard Goldberg.

“They have made it clear over and over again that their allegiance is not to the Republican Party but to their particular brand of conservatism,” Goldberg said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Read full story: here

Mr. Goldberg was a devout Liberal who ‘swayed’ more to the conservative side of the isle, fairly recently.  Like so many that tout their conservatives papers at the Progress Dog Show, most appear almost exclusively on Fox News Channel.  These people are more Moderate than anywhere close to being a true Conservative…. and hide behind a conservative facade while they bash and smash true, principled Conservatives.

Like Goldberg, they pontificate the “radical”, “far right”, “whacko- birds” or other terms meant to be slurs as much as Democrats do — but you can make bet, that they never, ever call the Left, “far left”, “radical”, or “extreme”.  No those ‘slurs’ are kept for those Constitutional Conservatives, who’s core principles lie within Constitutional bounds.  Many American conservatives are more than fed up with their exclusionary bias, which they don’t perceive as bias, by choice.  Like O”Reilly himself, Goldberg leans far away from the Right.  Which is fine — just stop trying to fool people into believing you’re Conservative!


TX Senator Ted Cruz, a true Conservative

But I do agree with Goldberg in one sense:  The Republican Party want to and has been distancing itself from the ‘Right’: aka — running as fast as possible from all things Conservative and Constitutional.  The GOP decided, especially in the last 20 years, to become Democrats.  There is an opening for democrats, since the Democrat Party is now consumed by Socialist.  The old Republican Party is gone, consumed with so called Moderates, which is simply another term of Liberals.  Confusing? Yes — if you’re don’t live in the world of Political Theater and keep up the the players and scoreboard!

Thus, it could be fair to refer to true Constitutional Conservatives, the “Right” and most Tea Party members as RINO’S.  Republicans in Name Only, since the Republicans are fleeing like rats on a sinking ship.  A ship, by the way, they themselves are responsible for sinking as they show their gutlessness and inability to stand up and fight for the right causes:  Constitutional purity.  It IS the Law of the Land, after all.

Most of the current severing Republicans, are weak, Moderate, go- along- to- get- along folks who simply fight to get reelected.  Rarely standing their ground where they should… and thus our Constitutional , Representative Republic is in shambles and the verge of demise.

tea party

The “Tea Party” began under G W Bush to revolt to TARP and spending. It’s grown massive under Barack Hussein Obama

The last several Presidential elections, Conservatives have held their nose to vote for “their” Party — horrendously poor Moderate candidates like Bob Dole, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney.  The GOP has disgracefully given them no one to vote FOR — and has thus, lost the majority of these important elections.  And the ones won by Republicans, have been moderates who continued unwarranted spending and did not strictly abide by the Constitution.  Nor were they willing to fight very hard on and for “core conservative principles”. The GOP decided to buy into the false premise that Moderates win and the “undecided”, non Republicans were the people they needed to court  . . . as they made a choice to disregard the Republican base, the Conservatives.

Conservative principles are the ONLY thing that work in a free system.  This is the reason the country is floundering, as moderate liberals, Liberals, Socialist and Communist continue to gain a foothold in our Republic.

Conservatives will have a lot of work to get the country back on the right, Right path, but looking at how far we’ve fallen in the Marxist reign of Barack Hussein Obama and his Socialist Democrat Party, I wonder if we’ll ever recover.  Or is the USA to become the United Socialist States of America and go the way of all great nations.


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