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Post- Christian America?

post christian“We are living in a post-Christian culture — a culture fundamentally at odds with faith in Jesus.”

He believes that there’s been a paradigm shift in society from “morality to personality.”

Rather than moral absolutes governing what’s right or wrong, Driscoll said that there’s a general view that people should be true to themselves — that they should essentially stand by their feelings and desires.

“We’ve shifted from a worldview where there is a God who makes laws, and they apply to you, to whether or not there is a God it does not matter — ‘I don’t recognize any laws external to me. The only thing that guides me is my own internal convictions,’” he said. “Authority has shifted from external to internal, from God to me. And what you end up with is not a discussion of morality but a defense of personality. And that’s the world we live in.”  here

And I would say we’ve been living in in the “post Christian” culture for many decades, and that this was all foretold in the book of Revelation.

The religion of Secularism has been growing like cancer for decades.  The once belief that “Father Knows Best” (perhaps the TV show’s name reflects more than a TV show, if you catch my drift) has long passed.  Father is a bumbling fool.  He doesn’t simply not know ‘best’, he’s a bumbling fool — which is worth repeating.  This is reflected on all TV shows and most movies and not by mere chance.  We’ve degraded ‘father’, as well as our Father.

There was a day when Sunday was reserved for church attendance.  Now some (so called) Christians, pooh-pooh the whole idea and believe they can converse with a god of their making, by staring at a Bible, repeating a scripture and saying “God loves ME”.  Pastors and church Teachers have failed to teach basic Bible doctrine, which goes beyond God loving humanity, but what God expects from us as believers.

Our culture has accepted the false ideas of ‘do- goodism’.  Going ‘good’ replaces doing what God commands ( here ) and (here) ; we have accepted the premise that we, sinful man, can make up our own right sounding rules and live by them… in part, because we’ve made God in our own image.  There’s a hideous idea promoted that all people will go to heaven because ‘God is good and would not punish anyone with hell!  That isn’t love!’  Oh really?  What does the Bible say? (here)

Yes, we rarely look to God any longer.  We allow politicians and judges to tell us homosexuals have the “right” to be married, when they do not, and cannot, by God’s definition of marriage.  We allow these same sinful political leaders to tell us we must abide by “separation of church and state!”, when that isn’t even the issue, since it’s not what was meant nor intended.  We allow these ungodly people to teach our school children their personal liberal agenda, while punishing those who wish to say a prayer (non Muslim of course) and pledge allegiance to the country that offers (offered) us the opportunity to worship.

sodomWe’ve allowed Government with a big G, to make God with a small ‘g’.  We’ve allowed the religious ungodly in the “environmental movement” to make us worship their god of the environment and given up our opportunity to go to a church which teaches about the real God.  We’ve done this by being lazy. By thinking we should be involved in politics, that God is nice when you need to be saved from a fire or we have a sick child.  We lost the importance of a daily God, to be sought, worship and respected, not out of fear one of his demon followers will behead us, but out of gratefulness for all He’s done for us.

We lost “moral absolutes”.  They were replace by the Progressive/ Liberals idea of anything goes; that Miley Cyrus is a cute little rebel and all great things come out of Hollywood.  Foolishness like, “Who are we to judge?!”, when we’re told that we (Christians) will ‘judge the world’.  No more moral absolutes — that was just harsh and judgmental.  I’m sure much the same was said in the cit8ies of Sodom and Gomorrah.  And yes, we as a nation, might be heading down that same path.

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