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Being “Offended” Has Become Our National Past Time And That “Offends” Me

Being “offended” has become a proud mantra of Liberalism. By pushing this phony-offense tact, they have easily imposed their will, their views, their radical ideology on all of our society.

As the American culture has become more and more ignorant in the principles of personal liberty, these ‘offended’ driven people have succeeded with their agenda of punishment people for a viewpoint. This hasn’t happened by circumstance or accident, but has been a well devised plan of Democrats (Liberals/ Progressives/ Socialists) put into effect many decades ago. Their goal was to propagandize a society into believing and adhering to what is not true.

wfbuckleySo I reiterate . . . . .I’m ‘offended’ by politicians who think they can continue to lie to me, call me names (whacko-bird, nuts, bigots, racists, xenophobe and terms must nastier) because I believe in God, America and the Constitution. Punishing what Liberals don’t approve of, has been going on for decades by the intolerant , Democrats. Sadly this has also been picked up by the equally foolish Republicans, who  seem to despise real ‘conservatives’ as much as Democrats.

I’m offended by being told I have racism in my “DNA” by Barack Hussein Obama. The truth is, he’s the one that appears to be not just racist  and anti-Semitic, but hating all America stands for. He has an enormous lack of tolerance for Americans who have a different political and religious  view than he does.  His view does not consists of one which holds to the Constitution which he swore to uphold. That offends me.

I’m offended at Liberals demanding we stop using ordinary words and terms, because they want to control our speech. “Hard work” isn’t racist any more than “Constitution” is. “Thug” is a long-held term for irresponsible, uncontrolled brats and we will continue to use it, regardless of skin color. “Illegal” means illegal and we will use that words over the newly Liberal demand for the  term ‘undocumented’. “Alien” is correct, as these illegals aliens, are alien to America.

I’m offended that Christianity, like Christmas, is being twisted into something bigoted and illegal. Christians have the Constitutional right to uphold their beliefs. Something that was upheld by the Supreme Court, at one time in our history. Democrats want to control the language under the guise of being “fair” and unbiased, when it is nothing more than prejudice and hate and the desire to control people’s words, thoughts and beliefs. These same people are also  demanding that the rest of us be ‘tolerant’ and respectful to muslims. Seriously, it’s not Methodist who have claimed jihad on America, folks.

I’m offended by a president who constantly demeans my views as “radical” or a news outlets as inconsequential and “biased” because it’s not solely controlled by Democrats. Of course I’m referring to Fox News, as well as the majority of talk radio.

I’m offend by a president who tells me that “al Qaeda is on the run” when I know the Middle East is on fire due to his foolish, radical polices and ideology.

food naziI’m offended when the president’s wife who imposed her Liberal ‘food ideology’ on our children or grandchildren, We can decide what we want our kids to eat. Not her; not government. I’m equally offended when a Liberal indoctrinated teacher tells our children that they may not eat a cookie Mom sent in their lunch.

I’m offended when so-called ‘news’ media, whose only purpose is to  protect and support any Democrat politician or idea … and wants me to believe what they regurgitate is “news”, much less accurate or correct.

I’m offended by Liberals demanding that I accept  ‘man made global warming’ as fact when I know it’s a lie, a provable lie, pushed by Democrat and Liberal politicians and the horribly corrupt U.N. I’m offended at being called “climate change denier”, which is spite out as a dirty word.

I’m offended when a football player or coach is reprimanded, punished or even fired for expressing his belief in Jesus Christ. All religions are not equal — there is only One God and it is not allah or buddha. The supreme Court realized that back in the 1878 when it told the Mormon church they could not indulge in bigamy, due to their particular religious belief. (Supreme Court decision against Mormons:  The Court recognized that under the First Amendment, the Congress cannot pass a law that prohibits the free exercise of religion. However it held that the law prohibiting bigamy did not meet that standard. The principle that a person could only be married singly, not plurally, existed since the times of King James I of England in English law, upon which United States law was based.here)

I’m offended by being referred to as a “racist” or “xenophobe” because I believe that the well-being of American citizens come first and that illegals aliens have no right, legal or otherwise, to invade our country, demand we learn their language and conform to their will and desires. I do not believe American citizens should be financially obligated to pay for their housing, welfare, food stamps or ‘obama phones’. And I know, according to the Constitution and related documents, that their children are NOT automatically American citizen.

I’m offended that Liberals think there’s something wrong with me because I own a gun to defend myself, should it be necessary. There is no such thing as “gun violence”. There is such a thing a “violent people”. I don’t have a cop living in my house or even down the street, nor can I afford to pay for a body-guard as the elite or those within our government can afford to do. But I’m the problem for owning a gun?

I’m offend by Liberalism and it’s fascist dictates over a once free America citizenship. But Liberalism doesn’t care if I’m “offended”. Their only concern is for their ideology, which is to suppress everything and everyone with which it disagrees.  And that’s a hell of a lot’a Americans.

This is not the America I grew up in but it is the America which Barack Hussein and the Democrats have “fundamentally transformed” it into. It’s evil, it’s illegal and it’s not America based on values. It is not better nor improved but an eerily warped figure of itself. The land is still here but the promise of the “land of the free”  is being crushed.

When did America put foreigners, illegals and islam as a priority over America? Since Barack Hussein invaded the top office of the land and spread his evil regime’s ideology throughout Federal government. This offends me, too. . . but as I said, the ‘powers that be’, the Liberal elite in our government, do not care. My skin isn’t the right color for them, just as my Christian beliefs are inconsequential and my political views are called “racist” and “bigoted”. I’m not one of their ‘scared minority’. I’m just an American citizen.




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