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‘Piped Piper’ Obama: Leading America’s To It’s Inevitable Decline As Lemming Liberals Obediently Follow

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The deceptive destruction of Barack Hussein Obama’s economic agenda

Sequestration is once again, the topic of the week — and the reason Barack Hussein Obama waited until Congress was in recess, to come out and malign Republicans for something they didn’t do, don’t want to do and never have done . . . want the worst for Americans. But lying about Republicans as become a mantel for Democrats.

Way too many Republicans ponder Obama and his ‘incompetence’, his ‘reasoning’s’, his lack of accepting any accountability — all without addressing, or perhaps realizing, his real agenda, which is destroying all credibility for the Republican Party.  This is part of his dreamed “change” of America.  All by specific design.  Obama’s design, as a loyalist to Alinsky.  And those Republicans who are too courteous, too gentlemanly, too ignorant or possibly too downright foolish to acknowledge his agenda, do so at the nations peril.  Which is precisely what Obama wants —  the change of chaos and civil unrest.

Chaos must be part of his scheme, because he would either have to be one of the the most incompetent, uninvolved men to hold the office of President — or what’s transpired the last 4 plus years of his reign is by specific design.  I wish it were simply incompetence.

An America in decline economically and morally in inevitable, if we stay on this immoral, economic path, which Obama has placed on the nation.  An America divided as never before and his goal is more of the same.  Continuing to slander and lie about Republicans goals, proposals and budget reductions, as Obama blames American’s woes and the upcoming economic “Armageddon” (which he proposed) as all the ‘fault’ of Republicans.

The sequester, which was BARACK OBAMA’S IDEA  AND WHICH JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO HE DEFENDED, will end in “Armageddon” if Republicans don’t’ go along with his excessive and  addictive spending?  How absurd and disingenuous.  The cuts proposed by Republicans amounts to approximately $.05 from the unacceptable trillions of dollar the Democrats want to spend — and yet, Obama still refuses to discuss cutting government massive spending and waste.

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar; a small, narcissistic man who can only accept responsibility (hardy har har) while pointing his boney finger at others.  He continues to campaign instead of leading.  But then, he’s never really ‘lead’ — only bullied. He is boldly and audaciously pied- pippering gullible Americans over the cliff of Socialism and bringing America to its knees of bankruptcy, economic chaos and possible civil uprising.

What will be his next move after that . . . .  besides blaming Republicans?  Perhaps Marshall Law is in our not too distant future, as this Imperial president continues his clinched wringing- of- the- neck approach to his desire to be “change” to America.


4 comments on “‘Piped Piper’ Obama: Leading America’s To It’s Inevitable Decline As Lemming Liberals Obediently Follow

  1. justturnright
    February 20, 2013

    You, Quiners Diner and tannngl all nailed the Sequestration, RP.
    You’re in good company.

    And as far as your description of President Genius, “small” and “narcissistic” are probably two of the nicer words you could use.
    Chaos and civil unrest? Yeah, it’s coming.

    Nice post.


    • RightyPunditry
      February 21, 2013

      Narcissistic was the only nice word I could come up with — at least he’s a professional at that.


  2. Questiondude
    February 28, 2013

    Love being right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS in fact a racist bigoted scumbag! ‘


    • RightyPunditry
      March 1, 2013

      And anyone who hates someone else simply for having a legitimate, political opinion is a “bigoted scumbag”. geeeez, lol. Wear your own hate… and I do hope you’re able to move pass your self indulged ignorance before you’re fully engulfed in stupidity.


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