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“Benghazi: The Definitive Report” aka, Obama’s Secret War?

Barack Obama, John Brennan, Chuck Hagel

Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack on the US consulate because of a secret low-level war in which American hit squads took out leaders of al Qaeda militias, which retaliated in Benghazi. There was never a protest at the consulate over the infamous anti-Islamist YouTube video.

So says the new 80-page e-book, “Benghazi: The Definitive Report” (William Morrow) by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb, two military veterans who specialize in reporting about clandestine operations at the website SOFREP.com. Their book, which they say is based on interviews with well-placed security types but contains virtually no checkable sourcing, is loaded with explosive allegations.  here

I’ve heard rumoring and mutterings of this for a couple of months.  True?  It makes more sense than the propagandized BS we’ve received, stuffed between total informational black outs.

We don’t KNOW what happened and no one is forcing our imperial President to say.  He needs to be forced to testify before the Senate, under oath and made to answer question.  Although I will say, like Hillary Clintonand the so many of the other Obamaites appointees, he would lie.

I remember well, all the Democrats blathering that Pres. Bush didn’t have the right to go to law with Iraq – and now we have stone cold silence about Barack Hussein Obama and Benghazi. Corruption starts at the top and works it way down.

Obama lied and many hundreds of people died — not the least of which were in Benghazi.

Yet, we still don’t know what little Barack and the boys were doing at the time.  Too concerned about flying to Vegas to raise more money for himself… but what else was he doing or not doing?  One day we’ll know.  But not in time to Impeach his sorry, worthless, despicable, corrupt self.

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