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News Flash: Obama Says Romney Is “No Goddamned War Hero.’”

For President Barack Obama, it’s now personal.  A new book cites Obama aides saying that the president has a “genuine disdain” for Mitt Romney.

“One factor made the 2012 grind bearable and at times even fun for Obama: he began campaign preparations feeling neutral about Romney, but like the former governor’s GOP opponents in 2008 and 2012, he quickly developed a genuine disdain for the man,” author Glenn Thrush writes in the soon-to-be released e-book “Obama’s Last Stand.”

…. a reporter for Politico, which published book excerpts Sunday —- writes that Obama’s feelings for Romney are different from how he personally felt about other Republican opponents on the Hill and campaign rivals of the past. When he talked about Romney, aides picked up a level of anger ……… ‘There was a baseline of respect for John McCain. The president always thought he was an honorable man and a war hero,’ said a longtime Obama adviser. ‘That doesn’t hold true for Romney. He was no goddamned war hero.’”   Read more about the king: here

It’s now “personal”?  Seriously, everything with Barack Hussein Obama is ‘personal’.  Right out of the gate, the ultra, thin skinned Barack hammered a reporter for mentioning his big ears.  Undoubtedly, Barack was furious that Maureen Dowd asked about his large, protruding, ears, and he quickly scolded her.  (here )

Who doesn’t realize, except the self-imposed blind Liberal, that Obama is a bit of a gutter snip, who can’t tolerate any criticism.  He’s an elitist, narcissistic sob  . . . oh,  pardon, that should be snob, with a gigantic chip on his shoulder, just waiting to snap at anyone for any reason.  If you can’t heap praises on him, you best shut up  (I think that’s posted on the Oval Office door).

His “disdain” for Mitt Romney is no revelation.  But it does make it clear what a little man Barack is.   Regardless of what he reportedly said, he has no favor nor fondness for any Republican.  I imagine much the same can be said about his own fellow Democrats, who don’t toe the line and bow and courtesy properly . . .  or often enough.

But Mr Obama, unless you’ve changed your book and phonied up more fresh imaginings about yourself, you’re “no goddam war hero” either.


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