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Chicago Chick- Fil- A ‘Drama Queens’ Rant Against Man Reading His Bible

A handful of ‘drama queens’ made a spectacle of themselves outside of a Chick- fil- A in Chicago.  This does support Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s claim that “Chick- fli- A doesn’t reflect Chicago values”.  If these people and their biased Mayor are a reflection of Chicago ‘values’, then  there doesn’t seem to be very much that Chicago has to offer descent people.  I hope that isn’t the case.

These embittered reprobates were obviously delighted with their hateful outburst and attacks on a solitary, quiet individual, who’s crime was reading his Bible.

So let’s assess:  who was hateful, angry, bitter, screaming, insulting, and railing against innocence and God?  Yes, the same people who continue to rant against anyone, and everyone, for their “intolerance” and “hatefulness” toward homosexuals and lesbians.

Just another example of the true hypocrisy these bombastic fools continue to present as ‘gay activism’.  Incorrigible human beings with no shame.



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