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If It’s Good Enough For Mitt Romney It’s Good Enough For All The Democrats Too

Let’s Have Full Tax Disclosures (And More) . . .  For Everyone, Harry
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday called on Mitt Romney to open up more of his tax records for public scrutiny, adding to a coordinated Democratic effort to pressure the presumptive GOP nominee.

Reid, however, said Romney should follow the example of his father George Romney, who released 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in 1968.

“He surprised everyone and gave the press 12 years of his tax returns. Mitt Romney talks about this great family he comes from, and I acknowledge it is, but why doesn’t he follow the example set by his father and release his tax returns?” he added.     here

I think ole Harry might be on to something.  More accurately,  the great Mark Levin (pictures right) made that fantabulous point today, regarding Reid’s meandering point.

Gov. Romney has released all tax records required by law.  But, as usual, that’s never enough for Democrats and their ‘anal exam theology’ regarding any and all Republicans (from which they give themselves, of course, complete dispensation).

But perhaps the squirrelly Harry Reid, going back to Levin’s remarks, should quickly see if he can get a bill passed (or as Pelois suggested, just “deem” it passed) making it a prerequisite for ALL persons running for and holding Federal office, to disclose all financial records for the past 12 years.  Wouldn’t that fulfill the Obama doctrine of “fairness”?

I love would to see how much Reid and Pelois make, as well as where their money is invested, whether in cow future, mink hides, gas or oil.  Whether they’re invested OVERSEAS, in China, Cuba… Iraq, off shore of what shore . . . or one of those secret Swiss bank accounts.  While Reid is out scrutinizing others financial investments, let’s also see about passing a new Law that public ALL  Federal employees must have full disclosure of  medial records (we can finally see how many STD’s Bill Clinton actually acquired) as well as all high school, college, university and private clubs transcripts and membership!  Full disclosure for all.  To be “fair”.

Yes, Harry, you had a thought.  After a long, boring, hypocritical angst riddled career in public office, finally a thought.  We’ll be anxiously awaiting to view all of the Democrats records.  This way, you and they, can all feel like little papa George Romney’s and sleep better.



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