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“Fundamental Trans-formative Change” Is Not Simply Incompetent

I’m growing more than weary of hearing Republicans and so called Conservatives, toting the RNC, predetermined line that Barack Obama “just doesn’t ‘get it'”.  And that he’s simply “in over his head” or even “Incompetent”.

The problem with Barack Obama isn’t any of those things.  His problem is that he knows, and understand, precisely what he’s doing, which is “fundamentally” changing America from an establish free enterprise, capitalist economy – into a European style socialist, big government country.  He was raised with what most American would have to acknowledge were “radical” views, radical, communist oriented parents and a well known communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

His associations in Chicago were with “radical”, far Left Liberals (socialist, Marxist) with a phonied up pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who taught “black liberation theology” – which is socialism.  A look into the background of Obama, all his associations, friends, and ‘comrades’ before and after his election to the highest office in the country, shows that all of these people are “radicals”.  Radicals who don’t like America, don’t like the American system of government and the freedom it affords individual citizens . . .  and thus, their desire to “fundamentally transform” our county.

So I’m tried of hearing my side, the Right side and those who claim to be ON it, make excuses and constantly tap- down what this man, Barack Hussein Obama is . . .  and is doing.

We’re on the edge of losing the America we know, if drastic changes, ‘back to the pasts’, Founders visions, aren’t done immediately.  Immediately would be before the entire system collapse under the weight of debt and governmental punishments.

These Conservatives and Republicans need to find the wherewithal, fortitude or guts to speak truth to power.  To teach the American people, not just the intelligentsia who already understand, but those consumed with their own ideology, based on ‘Democrat are good; Republicans are bad’.  Teach the facts; speak the truth.  Reveal and uncover Obama like a rotting, peeled onion.

Either that or shut up and let the real Conservatives speak for you . . .  without your inane, inflammatory and rather stupid condemnation.


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