Taxpayers Are Paying For A “Chief DIVERSITY Officer” To Tell Americans How To Not Offend Him

Chief Officer Of Political Correctness For Democrat Consumed With Racism and Bigotry

John M. Robinson, the Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State, wants America’s diplomats to know that common phrases and idioms like “holding down the fort” are, in fact, deeply racist.

Robinson, who also serves as director of the Department’s Office of Civil Rights, used his “Diversity Notes” feature in the July/August issue of the official “State Magazine” to examine the hateful roots of everyday sayings. In one recent public relations kerfuffle at Nike, Inc., he wrote, the company torpedoed a sneaker called the “Black and Tan.”  “What a wonderful celebratory gesture and appreciation for Irish culture. Not!” wrote Robinson, an adult.

Robinson notes that “Black and Tan,” –can refer to the brutal Protestant militiamen who ravaged the Irish countryside in the early 20th century

And did you know using the phrase “holding down the fort” is the linguistic equivalent of scalping a Cherokee?

“Handicap” and “rule of thumb” are two more figures of speech that Robinson, in his wisdom, has decreed offensive. The latter, Robinson says, refers to the width of a stick a man could once use to legally beat his wife”  more from the moron: here

WE have a Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State??!  Seriously?! What blithering buffoon decided we needed to waste money on this foolishness?  Are their other less- than- chief’s running around under his tutelage, finding ways to be offended and tattle back to Robinson?

I must assume this man is a certifiable idiot.  A duck is a duck even if the duck thinks he’s king.

How can waste taxpayers money on this sort of dribble.  We’re $16 TRILLION dollars in debt!

And if I had been the President or CEO of Nike I would have replied to this foolish, racist- consumed, silly man in very firm terms, beginning with “Who do you think you are?!”

John M. Robinson, the Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State doesn’t neeeed to be officer of “diversity”.   Primarily because we –  don’t need an Officer of Diversity!  Get the chip off your shoulder, put on your big boy pants and go find a job (if you can in the Obama depression) where taxpayers aren’t paying your salary to find non- existent ways to be permanently and perpetually OFFENDED.

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27 Responses to Taxpayers Are Paying For A “Chief DIVERSITY Officer” To Tell Americans How To Not Offend Him

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  2. myfoxmystere says:

    I hope Obama appoints another Czar before the election, just to put a nail in his political machine’s tires and flatten them. He will be getting the boot quickly.

  3. Sue says:

    How do we go about contacting Washington about this 1) waste of money; 2) ridiculous waste of government time; 3) ‘offense’ to the sensibilities of American citizens (I’ll say ‘most’ as some would be influenced by this PC garbage)

    • What we all have to do: contract our representatives. Nothing will be changed until we replace this ‘regime’ with one that cares about America more than political correctness. Heck, get initiative, write your newspaper, local TV stations and the U S Dept of State and tell them to CUT IT OUT.

      • randy says:

        I read this on, and googled him trying to figure out what to do about this person, glad it brought me here. This guy is, just, wow… There’s not really a word for this, All that he is accomplishing is to stir up the people and give someone a new reason to be offended over nothing. Honestly if you trace any word back far enough you’ll find some bad connotation with said word. And Sue you’re dead right on this one: it is a terrible waste of tax payer money during one of our toughest economic time periods. It is a complete waste of government time, and it does offend me to have read what he said. I won’t say that racism is dead because I’m not naive, but for the most part it is gone, at least where I live and I live in Texas. Racism is only left in the mind of those people that have chips on their shoulders.

        • I don’t think racism with ever be dead… any more than any other crime committed by a person will ever be gone. I see racism directed at white and Hispanic people almost weekly. The people involved seem to think that’s acceptable.. they’re told they have a right to have that ‘chip’ on their holders and dare anyone to touch it.

          But this should be a crime – to waste our tax money on this foolishness. Words?! We’re now condemning words! This defines part of the Obama regime.

  4. Anonymous says:

    if people would quit reminding people there racist, I’ll bet they would be less! I talk to many people and this is in fact a fact!!

    • There are those who make a living off of pushing racism – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They use blackmail tactics and continually point a finger at Republicans to throw out phony, contrived racism. Talk to them about judging on a man’s character, not on his skin color.

  5. Mark says:

    This is our government dumbing down America, WHAT A MORON, racist really. My dad used these terms and didn’t have a racist bone in his body it was a slang saying to be in charge nothing racist about it. our government agencies are about as STUPID as it gets these days it seems the liberals are hell bent on making every word out of a conservitaves mouth a racist statement, I have NEVER seen the race card played out of context so much as lately. We the people are smarter that that I don’t believe for a moment that anyone uses these terms as a racist slur. this is proof this government agency is usless and needs to be terminated as many others and our government is getting to big and to much usless power!!

  6. Rule of Thumb!!! says:

    What a f@$king idiot!!!

  7. mike says:

    I was looking for his Salary….anyone know what he is being paid…plus bonus??????

  8. Tara Miles says:

    I read this article about his column in the “State Magazine” this morning and my blood continues to boil over it. Makes me sick to think he is drawing a salary (probably 10x mine) to sit around and “pen” these types of articles!!!! First thought was, who is this guy and why are we paying him for thinking up such idiotic things—and how much $$$ is his salary? Then it was “Oh yeah, he’s an Obama guy”. That explains a lot. We must not allow them to “dummy us down” anymore!!!!! People, GET OUT AND VOTE IN NOVEMBER and send these idiots home!!!!!

    • Yes, send them home… to the corrupt, black on black murdering residents of poor Chicago, Kenya, Hawaii, wherever. And everyone B.O. has placed in government must be removed.

  9. Fred Zahran says:

    Unfortunately for all you rabid Obama haters, Robinson was sworn into his post in March 2008 when KindaSleazy Rice was Sec. of State, and the drunken frat boy was squatting in the White House. Nice try though!

    • We’re “haters” and you refer to a black woman was sleazy? You’re racism appears to be showing. And if you didn’t know, Bush doesn’t drink and your boy B.O. was a “frat” too.
      Yes, he was put in office in 08— and why didn’t Obama remove him from his silly position? We’re in greater debt now than in ’08!
      Bush, the non racism white man, put a black man in charge… and he’s wasting taxpayer money on this silly business. I guess ‘waste’ isn’t something democrats don’t care about?

  10. Craig says:

    why don’t you first start with talking to your own race about using the N word… my wife and I don’t us this word and do not allow are children to use this word. don’t you believe that others can be offended when black people saying it? why don’t you start your in the black homes because it’s offensive to your own race… and hello yes it is offensive to others also.. could it be that if people would stop accusing others of being racist….. they just might be less!!

    • @ Craig, it’s not clear who you’re address, but… yes, way too many black Americans feel free to use the N word in jokes, as endearments, etc. Yet if a non black uses it, they’re offense is pure phoniness. They simply want to be catered too and groveled over. — and thus, they’re not really offended. And I won’t have other ppl telling me what words, I’m “allowed” to use. The Left doesn’t care about offending anyone on the right side of every topic!

  11. Zulu says:

    Will “Last man standing” upset the women, or just the impotent?
    In Britain they had better rename their Septic Tanks and stop eating with Egg and Spoons, better not say “Golly” or attempt to snigger. Clergymen who refer to whipping boys could get into trouble as could anyone living in Queer Street putting up fairy lights.

  12. Zeena says:

    His last name is Robinson. Moochelle’s maiden name is Robinson. I wonder if they are related. Maybe the Obama’s created a position for their family member doing stupid things and getting big bucks. I wonder how much he makes.

  13. Josh says:

    This piece is riddled with errors and false assumptions. Please do your research before doling out your (misinformed) opinion. Robinson was appointed by former President George W. Bush, not President Obama, and took office during the Bush administration. Every federal department is required by law to have an Office of Civil Rights, or equivalent, which Robinson heads in addition to being the State Department’s CDO. It sounds to me like a good idea to have diplomats educated on which words and phrases are appropriate and which ones are now passé. They are in the business of being cordial to their counterparts in foreign countries in order to best serve our national interest, so it makes sense that they remain abreast of ways in which to stay on good terms with each other.

    Regardless of one’s take on the CDO position, which seems like more of a secondary role to the one that Mr. Robinson was hired by Bush to fill, the director’s role is an important one. Seeing as how current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas served in a comparable, albeit less prestigious, position at the Department of Education himself, one would think conservatives would not make an issue out of the position existing, solely because they disagreed with some of the comments of the current occupant of such a position. A man who was, in fact, appointed by a politician with whom they happen to by and large agree.

    Do your research before making such outlandish claims. And understand that the State Department’s main function is to “play nice” with people from other nations and among themselves. If there’s one place in government where political correctness should be at the forefront, it’s at the department charged with working together with other countries and diplomats to avoid unnecessary conflict cause by imprecise language and unintentional slights.

  14. Unfortunately for you, I realize when this foolish man was appointed to this foolish position, which doesn’t preclude the man from being a racist and idiot.
    This is a extreme waste of money, which most government is fond of, since it’s not their money they waste.
    Liberalism is demeaning to the functions of the mind — and thus waste whatever thinking capabilities it has.
    We DO NOT need, or ever have needed, a such a stupid position — to seek out word or phrases as racist? That’s pure idiocy. Do your ‘research’ and you might realize how outlandish your belief system is.

    • Josh says:

      Do research on what, liberalism? I was suggesting you research the facts, not opinion. “Liberalism is demeaning to the functions of the mind,” is an opinion. Just like, let’s say, “unyielding conservatism is destructive to a liberal democracy” would be. People have different belief systems and have for millennia. That’s fine. That’s good. But what I was arguing — that one shouldn’t pin the blame on Obama for this man’s statements, as he wasn’t even appointed by the president — wasn’t an opinion. Mr. Robinson was hired by President Bush. Fact. The State Department, like every other federal agency, has an Office of Civil Rights. Fact. A similar office was once headed by a staunchly conservative sitting Supreme Court justice. Fact.

      On the opinion side, I don’t think what Mr. Robinson was saying is racist, nor do I think such government jobs are a waste of taxpayer dollars, so we part ways there. If pointing out the racist histories of words and phrases is somehow racist, I think you might be confusing the meaning of the term, “racism.” Just because someone points out white (or any other) racism from the past, doesn’t mean he inherently becomes biased against the living members of the race (or races) that once perpetrated those racist attitudes. Put simply: Just because a man believes in political correctness doesn’t make him hate a whole race. You may believe that. You may assume it. But that doesn’t make it true, and it’s certainly not fact.

      I can understand your opposition to such offices existing, and even to Mr. Robinson’s opinion. I don’t share it, but I get it. That said, the man is not being racist simply because he is pointing out historical realities. To me, neither of the two primary brands of American political ideology are outlandish. I agree with parts of some and parts of others. Like a lot of Americans, I think for myself and adhere to my own ideology. But I think, whatever you believe, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort to fully research a subject before unleashing your opinion on the world. By so doing, you make for a hardier and more meaningful discourse, which then, hopefully, leads others to support the changes you seek to advance — as a conservative, and an American.

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