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Another Liberal Political Bigots Get Fired And Enhances His Resume With Liberal Outlets

Fired Democrat Chalian

Notorious PBS liberal Gwenn Ifill took to Twitter to defend David Chalian, the former Yahoo Washington bureau chief who was fired for claiming that Mitt and Ann Romney are “happy to have a party with black people drowning,” claiming that he was unjustly fired. Her defense was markedly over-the-top:

“One mistake does not change this. @DavidChalian is God’s gift to political journalism. #IStandwithDavid”

One wonders if the always liberal Ifill would have said a conservative journalist who had been fired was “God’s gift to political journalism.”

Actually one really doesn’t. ” enjoy the full firing of a Leftist:   here

God’s “gift to political journalism”  — spoken like a true, devoted Liberal Stalinist appreciator.  What a moron.

And so the story goes. Another “open minded” “tolerate” liberal bigot, regurgitates his inner hatred with his pontificating murmurings that the Romney’s would like to see black people die.  Unfortunately for the political bigots of the Left, no one died – black, brown or white.  Maybe next time folks!  Keep up those prayers to … whatever you worship besides your ideology, ya hear?

At least in this instance, justice was done.  This jerk was fired…. no doubt, soon to be rehired by another liberal organization who views this an a glorious accomplishment and resume enhancement.

Here he is muttering his hate and lies in the background to his fellow ‘comrades’.. believing he wasn’t on a hot micAnother moron.


One comment on “Another Liberal Political Bigots Get Fired And Enhances His Resume With Liberal Outlets

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    August 29, 2012

    David Charlatan doth projecteth muchly. I’m sure moronic Gwen Illful wouldn’t be singing this libertine’s praises if she could figure out she was one of the black objects of Charlatan’s projection. She’s really not that bright, and he got exactly what he deserves.


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