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Another Irrelevant Liberals Rails Against Capitalism — While Collecting A Paycheck From Capitalist

willieEgberto Willies at the Daily Kos (Leftwing rag) is one of those reliable radicals that’s really upset with war in Syria…….    Then it took a weird turn. “America must go to war alright,” Egberto declared, but with the war profiteers, and gun sellers, and the financial sector on Wall Street:

America must go to war alright. America must go to war with those who are pushing war with Syria. America must go to war with those that profit from war. America must go to war with those selling guns and allowing the indiscriminate sale of guns to terrorists and criminals both abroad and domestically.”   Read more: here

Must “go to war with those that profit… and sell guns”.  Wake up radical, leftist fool — what do you think Barack’s been doing?  Granted, he’s flooding Wall Street with tons of fake money, but that’s by his radical design.  He’s one of you!

Obama personally profits from his Liberal donors on Wall Street, who give him and the DNC (Dictatorial National Committee) boohoos of money, so he and other Democrats can live in the wealth lifestyle, they’re to lazy too hold real jobs for.  These people are the ones who get their Harvard degrees for political purpose.  It more easily enables them to peer out their ivory encrusted towers down at the rest of us in freedom loving, working America. . . . the ravaged taxpayers.

As for “America must go to war with those selling guns and allowing the indiscriminate sale of guns to terrorists and criminals both abroad and domestically.” — that was done by your beloved Barack.  Remember “Fast and Furious”?  This regime’s scheme to push further gun control by intentionally selling guns to Mexican narco- terrorist.  Hundreds were murdered, including Americans.  No accountability from this regime — oh the surprise.

democrat slaveryThe problem here isn’t “the failure to communicate”.  The crux of the problem is blatant, unabashed stupidity, propagated by the Left.  They refuse to teach and learn how capitalism works.  Much better to swallow the regurgitation of anti- American socialist, who’s agenda is to destroy the base of a great, freedom loving nation.  Much better to keep all the ignorant and stupidly uninformed on the ‘government plantation’, where they can be controlled, so they’ll continually vote for Democrats.  That will ensure they’ll never get off of that plantation.

Guns aren’t the problem, Egberto.  Capitalism isn’t the problem.  The problem is your broken, distorted Leftist loving mind.  Dictatorship never ‘work’ for the betterment of people — thousands of years of tyranny from a hoard of kings, dictators and elite Liberals, has proved beyond doubt, that failure is lead by the “good intentions” of Liberals.

Capitalism is the only system offering freedom to succeed as long as you’re will to put the work in.  Equality of opportunity; not the equality of outcome... equality of outcome is right out of the mouth of Karl Marx.

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people — a testament any gun owner can account to (a gun in a drawer is simply… a gun in a drawer).  People kill people because of the natural, sin nature of man.  And no government, no king, no dictator, no law will ever change that.  But rest assured, it will all be handled in time by the King of Kings.


2 comments on “Another Irrelevant Liberals Rails Against Capitalism — While Collecting A Paycheck From Capitalist

  1. Paul Clemmings
    April 13, 2014

    Capitalism must exponentially create debt, and as all money enters the system at interest, for anyone to be “free” through “hard work”, someone must be in corresponding “debt”. So it’s hardly a system of freedom. All recent computer models of the system show that it conserves energy and necessitates poverty (not to mention unemployment is inherent). So your post is just nonsense.


    • RightyPunditry
      April 14, 2014

      It’s “nonsense” to judge “computer models” on those who create those models… just as has been done with the global warming/ climate change nonsense. “Capitalism”, as a communist named it, is the only system affording maximum freedom, regardless of the nonsense some choose to believes. Communist, socialism are control systems by the government, a fording no freedom to people. Hopefully you’ll disregard the false education you’ve been taught and seek out the facts.
      As for “debt”, there is inherit “debt” in the simple fact of being alive and is a foolish argument against capitalism. The opposite is control; control by a king, dictator or government… but “debt” is never removed! The only debt to be concerned about, has however been paid — by Jesus the Christ.
      http://econfaculty.gmu.edu/wew/articles/97/cap-comm.htm http://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2013/12/18/the-pope-and-capitalism-n1763931/page/full


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