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Why Liberals Are Insane And Wrong About All They Devoutly Hold To (WARNING: graphic photo)

lionOutrage over Cecil the lion’s death in Africa: Trophy hunters are chiefly Americans  here

The latest undercover video of a Planned Parenthood employee, done by David Daleiden, project lead at the newly public Center for Medical Progress, is shocking on several levels. In the video, we see obstetrician/gynecologist Deborah Nucatola openly discussing charging for baby body parts. According to LifeSiteNews, Nucatola “seemed to describe performing an abortion procedure outlawed by Congress a dozen years ago.” Daleiden expounded upon this in an interview and stated, “You can take her words in the video and line it up point by point with the legal definition of partial birth abortion.”

Nucatola, the senior director of medical research for Planned Parenthood, is apparently comfortable with her profession. Otherwise, how could she sit during a lunch meeting and discuss killing babies over a glass of wine?  here

planned parenthood butcher shops

There’s been quite a bit of publicized “outrage” and  Twitter calls from this dentist hunter to be killed . . . all because he went on a “legal” hunt in Africa. More than likely, if there’s any guilty party involved, it would be those who took the dentist on the hunt, who either didn’t know this was a ‘protected’ lion or didn’t care. But in any case, it is an animal. A shame, absolutely. I personally don’t like hunting for the sport of placing a dead head on the wall, but can’t help but wonder if Planned Parenthood CEO’s might do the same with the baby parts they “harvest”?

But the cries for the dentist’s demise is absolute Liberal insanity.

Any thoughtful, thinking individual’s outrage, would go toward Planned Parenthood who’s been directly responsible for the butcher of approximately 53 million unborn, innocent babies in only 1973.

Sadly, too many Americans have been accustomed and brainwashed into believe this is for “women’s health” and “women’s rights’. It’s not. It’s about killing people to satisfy the Liberal insane lust for blood and convenience. Killing innocent babies simply because a female didn’t want to take the time or trouble to protect against pregnancy, which what intercourse is all about. It’s actually not a ‘recreational sport’.  More concern appears to be over having a temporal boyfriend than moral responsibility, much less morals.

So some poor sportsman will be hounded, run out of his business and receive literal death threats for killing an animal, where the real crimes are hiding in Planned Parenthood, supported by the Democrat Party . . .  whose goal is murder, butchery and fat funds in their bank accounts.

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