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Obama’s Military: A “Transie” Nation In Waiting

jenner1The Pentagon is working to finalize a plan that will allow transgender people to serve in the military, anonymous sources told the Associated Press. The Pentagon is expected to make an announcement later this week.

The Pentagon’s plan would allow for a six month window in which “to assess the impact of the change and work out the details,” the AP reported. here

I know the warped mentality of the typical Liberal, views this as tolerance and compassion. In actuality this is nothing more than Liberalism within government, forcing the ‘acceptance’ of mental illness. This is something completely unacceptable.

Regardless of the minuet number of people want to believe they’re another gender, they are not. Chromosomes are final — a female is XX, a male is XY. That can’t be “reassigned” or altered, it just is what it is. Any of these pathetically ill people who want to waste their personal finances and mental capacities into convincing themselves they’re something they will never be, is up to them. But it is an unnecessary evil for Liberals to legally ‘force’ this acceptance on others . . . much less a nation and it’s fighting forces.

But what faster way to completely and utterly destroy our great fighting forces than this?

Allowing these “transies” to become part of our military is sick and dangerous. Only individuals who are mentally ill themselves or who are intentionally hellbent on destruction of what is good and correct, would force this foolishness on American military.

It’s getting harder to ask God to bless America, when we have evil fools at the helm. I will say that God will not be mocked — ‘Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.’ Gal. 6:7

3 comments on “Obama’s Military: A “Transie” Nation In Waiting

  1. Brittius
    July 14, 2015

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  2. autumnrosetyler
    July 15, 2015

    I read your blog regularly and tend to agree with what you are saying, and i can almost see what’s going on in this post. But how is allowing people to join the military forcing people to accept something? Does someone’s sexuality/gender issues affect their ability to fight – with the intention if protecting your comfort, your freedom, and your right to say your opinion of them? I understand people’s discomfort with trannies, especially those who believe in the Bible, but why this sort of a reaction to this news? (Just trying to understand, especially when you tend to have good reasoning within a post)


    • RightyPunditry
      July 15, 2015

      By government mandating such absurdities as allowing ‘transgender’,aka mental people, to potentially became part of our military, is “forcing” an ideology on the public. It’s that simple; it’s common sense, which is no longer ‘common’. Just as 5 people deciding they alone could refine the word “marriage” as being between anyone… possibly anything, is foolish and ‘forcing an ideology on an unwilling nation of millions. As I said, this is a mental problem, so why would anyone with clear thinking, want people dealing with insanity being trusted to “fight” any enemy? These people need emotional help, not an endorsement. Simply wanting to BE something else, does not make it so, true or accurate. There are folks who think they’re (space) aliens… or dogs, who used to be confined and treated… although I’m not sure that can be very successful, when the true denial is the reject of God — that makes more sense than throwing celebrations for people who are so mentally screwed up.
      I’m not the most eloquent or accomplished in language skills so I don’t know how successful I could be in presenting a case for common sense, which is in part, what this is. Men should make up our military (fighting) forces, and men are males, not someone who wanted to be one. ‘Forcing’ this absurdity on our military will drive good people out and stop others from joining.I’m sure Obama and the Leftist understand that.
      It’s not a “discomfort” of transies, but a rejection of insanity….. instead of the PC acceptance of it. I feel sorry for Jenner and folks like him. He’s destroying his body and creating more mental illness for himself, while those attention seeking celebrities around him yammer about how wonder it all is. Who’s running the asylum now?

      Thank you for your respectful comments.


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