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A Case For Sanctuary Cities — For Legal American Citizens!

sanctuary_Cities_MapSanctuary cities are criminal, literally, figuratively and legally. They snub Federal law which makes entering America illegally, an illegal, punishable act. So, where’s the enforcement from the Department of Justice and howling outcries from Congress?

This in-your-face ignoring of Federal law came about by Democrats, many moons ago. Democrats have no interest in upholding this particular law, since they view all illegals as future Democrat voters. Were it not so and they feared these would be new Republicans voters, they’d closed the borders with wall and moats decades ago.

As for useless, Liberal Republicans, they’ve been taken over by some alien insanity, hoping beyond hope that these illegals will vote for Republicans.  And like the Democrats, they receive ‘donations’ from “special interests” which amount to millions. Big government cronies, who demand higher minimum wages . . . while wishing to hire the ignorant and unskilled illegal. So much for their constituents concerns.

adias ameriThus American is doomed. “Adios, America”, as Ms. Coulter says.

But since the destructiveness of Liberalism is so hell-bent on supporting sanctuary cities for millions of illegals, it seems only “fair” that our local governments could be ‘fair’ enough to create “equality” for the rest of us, the ignored  American citizens.

Those would be those of citizens who have a real grievances against greedy government intrusion into our lives and livelihood, blooming taxes to punish our success and possibly some of that old fashion tyranny we see emanating out of D.C.?  The majority of Americans still don’t want obamacare any more than they want illegals protected, at our expense.

Shouldn’t we have the right to use this tyrannical law to benefit ourselves, the legal American citizen? After all, Obama and the Democrats are ignoring all the Federal laws they don’t like. To be inclusive and ‘fair’, we should have the same option! Voila! . . . we don’t have to take part in those Laws with which we disagree! Is that not fair?

After all, our Prince of Fairness, our self-appointed Dictatorial King Barack Hussein I, ignores all the laws which he chooses. Being a nation established “of the people, by the people and for the people” (well, we the people have the legal right to reject and ignore said Federal oppressors.

Therefore, let’s have sanctuary cities for those who don’t like paying our federal taxes. That would engulf a majority Republican voters, since as we know, Democrats and their voters just love to pay more and more taxes to the federal government . . . or, so they tell us. Let them handle that burden and ‘we the people’ of the Sanctuary cities of Freedom, will keep more of our money for local endeavors.

mich obama war on foodAnother reason for Sanctuary Cities . . . . Michelle Obama and her asinine food diet that she’s still trying to force on a (once free) citizenry. She can keep her yogurt Smores and I’ll keep my bacon and cheese burger. The woman is a food Nazi, which is fine, as long as she keeps it in household and keeps her nazi-teria to herself and out of public schools. I’ll never understand why Democrats think they know best for everyone else, unless that dictatorial gene is transferred along with eye color? She’ll continues to sneer at the rest of America, but we’ll have Smores and burgers and she’ll have . . . . well, I guess having Barack and herself is punishment enough, but she’ll find some solstice in  her cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, no doubt.

But one of the more important issue is the right of Americans not to participate in the false-legalization of homosexual marriage, which was also forced on us by Obama and the corrupt, unconstitutional minds on the less- then- Supreme Court. I want sanctuary from that fraud which usurps itself in the place of God, who after all, is the originator of ‘marriage’, and therefore the final authority. I won’t be forced by a corrupt government to bake a cake, make a wedding invitation, take photo’s or applaud at homosexuals false participation in ‘marriage’. Nor would I take part in a man marry 3 females . . . a 11-year-old or his goat.  That can’t be far behind.  I plan on using my right to personal choices until I no longer can. Considering the direction our country is being forces into, that might not be long. I do expect Christianity to be banned or called bigoted and illegal, before much longer. That is what Barack Hussein Obama is wrought — by Saul Alinsky design.

There are many things citizens need sanctuary from in today’s America — being forced not to use plastic shopping bags, BBQ grills, 32 oz. drinking cup and much more.  All of which the busybody, IN-tolerant Liberal has decided to impose on the rest of humanity.

Freedom still isn’t free . . .except evidently for the illegals flooding our borders with their hands out, ready to stuff their pockets with American dollars. But it should be Americans who have not just first grab at our money, but the only grab.

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