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“Simulated” Firearms Will Leave You All Wet

water gun fightYou’d be hard-pressed to find a child who has, at one point or another during a long, hot summer, chased friends around with squirt guns and water balloons. For the Boy Scouts of America, that simple childhood joy is now banned.  In the new edition of the Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual, the Boy Scouts have declared that water guns and rubber band guns are no longer for shooting at anything other than inanimate objects.

Bryan Wendell, Eagle Scout and senior editor of Boy’s Life, Scouting and Eagles’ Call magazines, posted on his official Scouting blog, “As summer — and pool weather! — lingers on the horizon, it’s a good time to remind you that BSA policies prohibit pointing simulated firearms at people.” Adding, “Yes, that includes water guns.

Wendell explains that this decree comes from the official Scouting Handbook. “You’ll find the relevant sentence on page 99. It reads: ‘Water guns and rubber band guns must only be used to shoot at targets, and eye protection must be worn,’” he writes. here

spyingI can’t help but wonder if playing in a water sprinkler will be considered a “simulated” firefight and included in this ban? Do the benevolent Boy Scouts have spy’s to ensure compliance? Will these, young potential killers, be issued ‘brown uniforms’ and told to salute dear leader or would a simply “Um um um Barack Hussein Obama” song be sufficient?

water gun fight mass

Confiscated “simulated” weapons from dear leaders “radical” EPA Enforcement?

If a Boy Scout was caught in this horrific crime of firing a ‘water gun’ at an innocent victim, what would his punishment be? How serious is this non negotiable infraction of their ‘B S’ policy?

Would a SWAT team show up to take the criminal by force, as they confiscate all forbidden “simulated” fire arms? Or would a simple expulsion from the Boy Scouts suffice? After all, none of the unsuspecting public wants to be party to such criminal activity, do we?

One might correctly ask, what the hey?

But the answer is as simply as the diagnosis — Liberalism is destructive and much more dangerous than a water gun. But sadly, this is the results of allowing the fascism of Liberals to dictate their agenda over our Government, our news media, higher education, the Boy Scouts and so much more.

I suppose the next tragedy to befall these courageous young Scouts, will be for Obama’s EPA to issue a notice of wasteful water consumption. . . . but as we know, they’re now fully armed . . .  . .  and not with water guns.

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