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Similarities Between The Neo-Fascist Islamist And Liberals: The “Tools Of Radicals”


MSNBC fool Lawrence O’Donnell

Liberal MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday decried the use of the word “thug” as “racist” and assailed those in the media who use the term. Yet, O’Donnell himself has repeatedly uttered the word. After playing a montage of CNN and Fox News journalists saying “thug,” O’Donnell sneered, “What would be the first word of choice for a virulent racist to use on your show about those people and know for certain that he or she could get away with using that word? It would be thug.here

Great timing, Mr. O’Donnell.  This is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of Liberals and their fascist ideology, but expands on one of my precious post about Pamela Geller and her free speech rally ( here).

These example are of — control people by some kind of force.

Liberals hate to hear that of which they disapprove, so they create new words or terms to intimidate their “enemy”. . . which would all who might not agree with them.  Needless to say, ‘thug’ isn’t a racist word any more than Constitution is, but the warped, insane mind of a Liberal uses this method as a way to shut people who and control their speech.

“Terrorist”, “radical Muslims” or “neo-fascist Islamist”, like the two folks who boldly came to Garland Texas to die, did the same thing, except with an “assault weapon” (by the way, the term ‘assault weapon’ was invented by Liberals. “..it is is a political term, developed by anti-gun publicists to expand the category of “assault rifles.  They fire only one bullet each time the trigger is pressed. Unlike automatics (machine guns), they do not fire continuously as long as the trigger is held. here). But their end game was a mirror image of Liberalism — control speech, thought, deed and people by some kind of force. Liberals load their ‘assault weapon’ mouths.  Here are a few examples:

liberal fascism

LIBERAL FASCISM on display. There is NO “hate speech” — only speech someone doesn’t want to hear. And all is protected under the Constitution.

“hate speech” – the new term for anything a Liberal doesn’t want to hear or for you to say.

Islamophobia –  a term to insult a political enemy and call them ‘racist’.  Take note they never use the word “Christianophobia, since most Liberals feel ‘hating’ Christians is justifiable.

Cutting taxes – cutting taxes has long been racial code for not using tax payer money to help Black and brown people. Thus, people wanting to cut taxes are simply greedy SOB’s, as well as ‘racist’

Constitution –  Juan Williams of FNC, “The language of GOP racial politics is heavy on euphemisms that allow the speaker to deny any responsibility for the racial content of his message.  References to a lack of respect for the ‘Founding Fathers’ and the ‘Constitution’ also make certain ears perk up by demonizing anyone supposedly threatening core ‘old-fashioned American values.‘”

Welfare and Food Stamps –  Chris Matthews MSNBC, “Matthews cited a speech former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave in Georgia  in which he said, “You want to be a country that creates food stamps, in which case frankly Obama is an enormous success – the most successful food stamp president in American history..” Matthews: “… Gingrich’s remarks had a hint of racism in them.”

Conservative and Republican – words Democrats have been lying about for 70 years or more. Their propaganda has lead to the terms meaning bigots and racist.

“code words” or “dog whistles” – term used by Liberals who needed to invent another way to refer to anything speech as ‘racist’
Christ Matthews, “(T)hey keep saying Chicago, by the way. Have you noticed? “That sends that message: This guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods and screwing us in the ‘burbs.”  and ““They stopped talking in this dog whistle like the white racists were going to hear it because everybody hears you now,” Matthews said. “They know what the whistle sounds like.” Insanity. (some of these terms are found: here )

On the other side, we have the ‘radical Muslim’, “terrorist”, “neo-fascist Islamist”, who by all intent are simply ‘fundamentalism Muslim’, adhering to the Qur’an. . . but according to Liberals, to say that, is of course, “hate speech”. These neo-fascist have no problem murdering those they disagree with politically and religiously. That is part of their theology of Liberalism The Liberals theology emboldens them to shut people up with ‘assault words’.

Words and swords are precise tools of ‘radicals’. These are the people who are so embedded in the wrong ideology, that they can’t bear to hear anything to the contrary of their beliefs. But they go a step further, insisting that no one else hears it either. All under the guise of their phony tolerance.

Ronald Reagan

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