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How Much Of Sharia Law Should America Conform To?

Liberals, in particular, have placed more of the blame for the Garland, Texas terrorist attack, on Pamela Geller, as they have the ‘offended’ Muslims ISIS followers.

I’ve heard pundit after useless pundit, declaring that the “free speech” gathering was intentionally offensive to those of the islamic faith. They said that Ms. Geller was being “provocative” and goading the islamic religion, with her ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon competition. Their admonishment’s were quite clear: no one should intentionally provoke and offend islam, because in doing so, they are “poking a hornets nest” and more or less, get what they deserve.  Pam Geller actions of “free speech” were referred to an “incendiary” and unnecessary.

how to make peaceful islamIt was also crystal clear, that many if not all of these yammering voices, never say a word of condemnation when the Lord Jesus Christ ismocked and maligned. When symbols of Christianity, the cross and a statue of Christ, were placed in jars of urine, there was little condemnation, except from Christians. That was called “free speech” and ‘artful expression’, by the usual Liberals, who condemned the recent cartoon contest.  And very little attention is being drawn to the fact that Muslims are slaughtering Christians across Europe and

"Piss Christ" -- Liberal art

“Piss Christ” — Liberal art

Africa. The Liberal obsessed press doesn’t seem to notice . . .  or doesn’t want to offend Muslims for what Muslims are doing?

I personally wouldn’t engage in this public ‘mocking’ of ole Muhammad simply because — I don’t appreciate the multitudes of attacks perpetrated against Christians. Of course there are Muslims who aren’t hell-bent on murdering the rest of humanity and a few are actually vocal about it. Sadly, not nearly enough.

It ‘s also been said that Pamela Geller’s ‘Draw Muhammad Competition’ wasn’t very “Christ like”.  I will agree with that, but she was not engaging in a sermon nor proclaiming the gospel, but an American’s right of “free speech” and expression.

More importantly:   there is no comparison which can be made between Muhammad and Jesus the Christ. Muhammad was not a prophet of any sort and Jesus the Christ was and is the living Son of God, being absolute deity. Muhammad was just a sinful man whose reputation is well known by most thinking and thoughtful people . . . he wasn’t anyone to be emulated or admired. This is stated not to offended, but simply to speak the Truth.

But the Draw Muhammad competition did make the point regarding American’s free speech rights and exposed a another couple of hate-filled Muslims, who will no longer be a bother to our community.

Most importantly though, if Liberals or any other misguided souls want to ‘blame the victim’, then they properly need to blame the rape victim who dresses provocatively —  or look up the definition of Hypocrisy.

Whether these people know it or not, what they are indorsing is Sharia Law. It is against sharia to draw a picture of their beloved Muhammad.  But Sharia also requires that all homosexuals and lesbians be killed — beheaded, thrown off of a roof top or stoned to death, just as long as they end up hopelessly dead. It is also demanded that when a woman is raped, there must be 4 males witnesses or she will be stoned to death. A thief is to have his or her thieving had cut off, of course without benefit of trial by jury or any Pro Bono attorney presenting a case that Hussein was simply hungry and had 10 little hungry Hussein’s at home. Again, Liberals blaming Ms. Geller, investigate the definition of Hypocrisy.

If bleeding hearts are going to condemn Ms. Geller and the silly cartoon contest, they must be willing to defend the rest of Sharia, or shut the heck up.

Liberals are forever telling the rest of America, what we can and can’t say, what we can and can’t do and can and can’t think — less we “offend” their highly delicate and sensitive sensibilities. College campuses have become a haven of infectious Liberalism, where ‘free speech’ — being defined as ONLY what Liberals want to hear, is being horrifically constrained and controlled.

As for any Muslim who was offended by the Muhammad cartoon contest, so sorry, but this is America. We all get offended, live with it, speak about and move along, which is what you’ll have to do. Christians and Jews are continually offended, mocked, maligned, persecuted and murdered — currently, by our own Federal Government. You’ll have to learn to accept it and find more constructive ways to show your angst rather than murdering those you disagree with. Otherwise, people will start calling you, Liberals . . . . although, they seem to have a good deal in common with some of you.

3 comments on “How Much Of Sharia Law Should America Conform To?

  1. Vladimir Val Cymbal
    May 8, 2015

    Anyone that wants to get in on this debate needs to read the Koran and Sharia Law. If you haven’t, then keep your nose out. I have studied both and am horrified at the thought of Sharia Law being implemented in America. While our Constitution is all about the individual liberties and freedoms Sharia Law is all about the stifling of the individual spirit. Allowing any part of Sharia Law to be used in America the door will be left ajar for full implementation. Look at the countries using Sharia Law. See how the people are faring. It’s not pretty. It is the democracies that are making good contributions to mankind. What has Iran, Saudi Arabia, or any other Islamic country with Sharia Law done for civilization? NOTHING GOOD. Keep Sharia Law where it belongs. It belongs In some cave in a desolate desert, void of humans.

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    • RightyPunditry
      May 8, 2015

      It should “horrify” all Americans and all people … anything thinking person who wants to live their life freely without this oppression. But as Liberals moves forward to appease America’s enemies, they will be giving more accepts to the barbarism of sharia. America is under assault as much as Europe… and our lack of leadership and protecting, is dooming.


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