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The Leftist Propaganda Was Exposed In X-Box Game, Battlefield Hardline, As It Slandered The “Tea Party”

bf-hardline-edited-gadsenLast year, Breitbart News reported that preview footage of EA’s then-unreleased first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline contained content that conflated the Tea Party movement with a group of racist survivalist enemies. However, with the release of Battlefield Hardline this month, it appears that all imagery and dialogue referencing the Tea Party has been removed from the final version of the game following our initial report.

In the alpha footage of the game’s single-player campaign shown at the Gamescom trade show in August of 2014, a playthrough of a level which pitted the player character against a number of racist, extremist militia members contained imagery and dialogue that suggested the enemies were related to the Tea Party movement. The Gadsden flag, which has closely been equated to the Tea Party movement, was seen throughout the compound of the militia extremists, while a line of dialogue claimed the movement’s leader was motivated to commit domestic terrorism against the United States because Barack Obama was elected president. That content has been edited or removed from the final version of the game. here

This has been the expected tactic of unethical Liberals, as they move further and further to Left into fascism and Marxism. As they boast about being ‘tolerant’ of all views, they lie, slander and malign all views with which they find some any disagreement. Their hypocrisy has become simply staggering.

The “Right”, which Liberals love to gloat is filled with racism and intolerant bigots, is nothing less than ordinary, working Americans who love the country and politically disprove of where how Liberalism (fascism, communist, the Left, socialist) is determined to “transform” it unconstitutionally.This is what individuals and groups like this publisher, Electronic Arts, continually do…. propagandize; they spread a hitler prop of working classlie until it’s accepted as the truth.

This was done to the “tea party” participants as soon as they began their peaceful, civilized protest of government over spending, which began under Pres. George W. Bush.  But according to the Democrats/Liberals, they started due to their hate of Barack Hussein Obama . . . who obviously hadn’t even been elected. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, or country. It’s as effective now as when Hitler used it to ‘transform’ Germany in the 1930’s.

American propaganda by Liberalism, has been going on for decades. Going back through movies and TV shows, particularly obvious in Law and Order, the use misconception, untruths and downright slander of anything and any on the ‘Right’ side of politics or Republican leaning. They have malign their ‘enemy’ and

Obama's bible

Obama’s bible

thus, spread their fascist propaganda throughout the public domain: the “Right” is bad, evil, communist, racist and bigot. Now a couple of generation have been brought up via the “re-education camps” of government controlled public schools, elite Universities and colleges, Democrat politicians and of course, Hollywood.

The real ‘battlefield’ is the minds of Americans, many of who have no idea what the truth or the facts are about America or its citizens. They’ve never been taught or exposed to either, except through the biased prism of the Left, which teaches the America is the problem of the world, settled by racism Europeans. The truth is nowhere to be found in ‘Liberalism’, the ‘Left’ side of policies, which has now completely absorbed the Democrat Party.

What the Left has done is exploit ungodliness through lies and misconception. Again nothing new, since this was Satan’s first tactic against Eve. It’s been successfully working on human minds ever since.

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