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Liberalism’s Assault On The English Language Isn’t All That New

Mao-lenstalAs the Soviet Union crumbled in 1991, the conservative media-watchdog “community” (as liberals might call it) grew increasingly frustrated that liberal reporters loved to cast the Politburo as Gorbachev and his reformers against the really hardline communists – you know, the “conservatives.”  This perversion of terminology continues.

The Washington Post and their Beijing bureau chief, Simon Denyer reported:

Scholars in Hong Kong are growing concerned that the territory’s cherished academic freedom is coming under renewed attack from China in the aftermath of last year’s student-led pro-democracy protests… Academics are concerned that China and its conservative backers in Hong Kong are trying to subtly exert more control over universities and schools in order to gradually rein in criticism and silence a source of unrest.

The Weekly Standard ably replied:

The Scrapbook assumes that Denyer,…. is aware that “conservatives” are, in fact, the people who don’t like Marxism, call themselves anti-Communist, are appalled by restrictions on freedom of speech on campus, were worried when Britain handed Hong Kong over to Beijing (1997)—and regard the People’s Republic of China as a long-term threat to American freedom and security.  To our knowledge, the people who like Beijing and revile Taiwan are called liberals, and the people who think Hong Kong would have been better off under continued British rule are called conservatives. But not by Simon Denyer’s reckoning, and he and his colleagues are consistent on the point.

For example, the hard-line, anti-American Islamists who have governed Iran since 1979 are “conservatives” to the Simon Denyers of the world—even though “conservatives” are the Americans who oppose the Obama administration’s appeasement of Iran. Indeed, this rhetorical sleight-of-hand is nothing new: In the days of the old Soviet Union, it was “conservatives” in the Kremlin who suppressed political freedom and opposed free markets, while liberals in America favored appeasing Moscow. A mirror image, as it were, of the truth. here

This is a horrendous ‘trick’ Liberals/ Progressive have used time and time again. Not only in the press, but to propagandize our youth in the government controlled school system.  Hitler has been referred to as a ‘conservative’, associated conservative principle with fascist policies. This is done with particular intent to destroy their enemy and has been successful. As Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”

This same tactic is used against Sen. Ted Cruz. In fact it’s used against all principled Conservatives, and it even used by some who we think are ‘conservatives’ themselves. Such tactics as saying, “He’s on the ‘extreme’ Right” and slurring the term “tea party candidate” as if they KKK members or the murdering Mao Zedong.

Words have meaning . . . .  and meaning is the most important part of words.

Being on the “Right” is not being pro-communism or fascism. But Democrats want people to believe that it is.  The “Right” in based on long held principles and doctrines in Liberty and always has been. Conservative principle are those principle upon which America was established. . . . which is what Liberalism hates and has been actively destroying for decades.

The Democrat Party has long embraced and sought control over the citizenry. Democrats are fully aware that the Democrat Party is now a full blown Socialists Party, who must continue to hide their goals and intentions with ‘pretty sounding words’, like “fair” and “redistribution” (a communist tenant).  But even the “establishment” Republicans are leaning Left and long ago abandoned much resistance against the Left’s push toward socialism. This has left the Right, those constitutional, freedom loving people of America, with little to no recourse, as they elect Conservatives to office who are quickly maligned, dismissed and threatened by the ‘establishment’, “donor class” Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

mirror on obamaAmerica remains under a dark cloud, as our cultural, our language, our citizenship, our patriotism and devotion to a once great nation continues to be eroded by socialist and fascist. To add insult to injury, the evil gobbling up the remains, points its bony finger at those seeking to restore greatest and Liberty and calls them the enemy of America.

Words matter — which is the reason Liberals/ Progressives/ or the Left continue to change the meaning to confuse those who are easily confused or ignorant.  But it is Obama and the Democrats who are the real enemy of America. ‘Enemy’  is defined as: a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent; enemies, persons, nations, etc., that are hostile to one another; something harmful or prejudicial; belonging to a hostile power.

All that he’s done and continues to do, has been harmful to the nation, the Constitution and thereby, the people. And it has all by done by design by the radically Leftist Barack Hussein and the Democrat Party.  The devil is in the details . . . and the details are in mirror for those who see.

We’ve been left with the task of restoring America but to do that, we must also reclaim our language. Conservative and Constitution are not dirty words, any more than they mean: racist, KKK member, communist, socialist or fascist. They are the Founding of America. They are our founding documents and principles.  They are for restoring and maintaining the personal Liberty of all Americans.


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