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Racist Comments And Audacious Denial Of Facts Emanate From Ferguson Protesters

The Sean Hannity Show had a ‘man on the street’ interview last night, with several protesters. This was one day after two police officers were shot close to the Ferguson police station.

The lack of factual information and grave stupidity coming from most of those people was simply staggering.

ferguson2One  black woman said she saw the shooting and “didn’t feel anything”.  After all, it was just 2 white cops, in her twisted mind and must deserve to be shot.  She also went on to say she believes “hands up, don’t shoot,” is an accurate description of what happened to Michael Brown, despite the Justice Department’s conclusion otherwise.”

Yes, ‘despite’ the facts, the false narrative is clung to . . . because people believe what the want to believe, when it fits their ideology. Reality is insignificant.

One black man, who identified himself as a ‘City Manger’ said he thought the police shot themselves or were part of the KKK, just to get sympathy. He was serious.

Another uninformed, drone of a black protesters said, “When you give violence you get violence back”, when referring to the two police who were shot.  I only wish the Report had asked if  he would apply that exact sentence to the deceased theif and thug, Michael Brown.

But the Stupid Award of the night must go to some a 18 public school attendee named Ivory Ned, who denies all the evidence and facts of the case, including the video of Brown’s robbery and intimidation, the 12 eye-witness who finally testified that Brown’s hands were NEVER UP and that he did “change” Officer Wilson. But no . . . neither the Grand Jury or Obama’s corrupt, biased (In-)Justice Department findings, Wilson testimony or the multiple eye-witnesses who all discounted the lies of “hands up” and supported the fact that Officer Wilson, had any effect on this poor ignore soul.

These people were as a horrendous self-ignorant as Democrat Norton.  They were uninterested in the “facts of the case” as Obama is in respecting the Constitution.  They were no difference than Hannity’s interview with the corrupt Democrat Rep. Eleanor H Norton:

Hannity asked her, “Evidence isn’t a concern if you’re going to take a position on a case? In other words if Michael Brown didn’t rob the store, intimidate the clerk, if he didn’t fight for the gun and charge the officer…”

“I’m a lawyer, I have not read the transcript, I haven’t read the transcript because my interest is not in what happened, my interest is in what should happen, where we go forward from here. That is my interest, thank you very much,” she said. here

This is a prime example of Liberalism destructive impact on mental capacities. Liberalism has no interest in fact, truth or evidence. Only it’s pushing is propaganda, regardless of it cost the lives of the innocent.


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