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What’s Wrong With Being “White” In America?

biggest bigot around

BIGGEST bigot is the lying bigot

Where the white population of America, to believe all we see, hear and read from Leftist, they would have to presume there’s something terribly wrong with any person, who had the gall to be born “white”. The latest craze, of course, is “white privilege” . . . another horrific, nasty lie created by those who are not just Leftist, but those whose hope is to retain or gain political power, by maligning an entire race of people. Judging a person by “…the color of their skin” and not the “content of their character’, evidently does not apply to Caucasians.

We’ve  been schooled by these elitist-minded people, that police are wrong, bad and killing black folks, simply because they’re black folks. The facts stand in harsh contrast to the propaganda, but that doesn’t stop people like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and other devout Marxists, who create chaos for their Liberal causes.

Do those racist ‘white’ people have a choice of being born another tone? That would — no. Are they to do what Michael Jackson did and find a way to change their skin color? Foolish. Is God against white people?  Apparently not, since He had a hand in making them.

So, what is wrong, with being white? Nothing. oops, I realize that’s not ‘politically correct’ for Leftist drones, but it is more of those facts they so despise. What it is, is a platform to force guilt on the gullible. For those weak-minded, ignorant and ill-informed people who have been fed so much Liberal propaganda since birth, that they’ll look for anything to easy their pain . . .  without drugs.

It is quite simply, racism by a group of people who will use anything and everything, in attempts to gain power over people. And since it’s used against ‘white’ people to incite the ill-informed, it’s a good tool for the devoted Liberal Left.

Long, long ago, in a country hardly now recognizable, there was a slogan which was created by these same biased people. The slogan was “Black is beautiful”. It was another silly, pathetic attempt by professional propagandist, to ‘make black folks feel better about themselves’ (in insult to all, since it was demeaning). This was also the era of the “Black Panthers”, who used hate and violence the same way normal people use folks and spoons. It was the era where Democrat politicians were scrambling to divide and conquer — divide black families from family, church, morals and jobs, into becoming Government dependents. It was ultimately and horrifically, destructive . . . to all Americans.

I’ve always said, I’m not “proud” to be white — I had nothing to do with it and for anyone wishing to place some phony guilt on me about it -> talk to God.

I giggle every time I think about saying “I’m proud to be white!” by just imagining the looks, glares and consternation I’d receive. The screams of bigot and racist, oozing off the lips of those extremely foolish folks, would be funny.

But why not be “proud” to be white? It was white people who founded America, wrote the Constitution, created the gas engine, refined electricity, created the Internet and put man on the moon. No shame in those accomplishments.

bigoted, anti-white racist propaganda

Hatred from black people is equally as racist. Hatred from Liberals toward Conservatives, Constitutionalists, America and ‘white’ people is just as evil. This is a perfect example of hatred and ignorance.

The facts are, that you won’t hear white people talking like that. It’s not that it’s wrong, inaccurate or nonfactual, it’s just seems unnecessary.

I’m not so sure it is ‘unnecessary’ any longer.  Not with the lack of education and poor education offered within our Government schools, which spend time forcing “white privilege” and the phony lie of “global warming” down the gullets of our unsuspecting, gullible youth.

“Black history month” was forced on Americans several decades ago  . . . again, for votes and power by the usual, Liberal suspects. Where’s “Brown history month”? And for crying out loud, where’s “White history month”? Why the bias, bigotry and racism, Mr. Politician? After all, “It was white people who founded America, wrote the Constitution, created the gas engine, refined electricity, created the Internet and put man on the moon”. There should be no shame and stating so, should there?

Racist are in every country in the world  and always have been.  It’s also not a criminal offense. . . . just as it is equally part of the sin nature of man and won’t go away. But hatred toward white people is just as evil, just as wrong, makes you just as much a bigot, as hating black, brown or Asian people.  There is no difference.

This anti-white, anti-America culture has been fed to Americans for several decades, but since the election of our Marxist President Obama, it has grown at a frightening rate, by no accident.

Ignorance is easy to spread and ignorance, unchecked, becomes stupidity. It’s much easier to control stupid people than those who are well-informed of the world around them, especially their own founding and nation. Not to mention, understanding the importance and wisdom found in the Bible.

Put down the hate for skin color. We had nothing to do with it. That was your Creator.

Acts 10:34-35 Opening his mouth, Peter said: “I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality, but in every nation the man who fears Him and does what is right is welcome to Him.

Acts 17:26 and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation,

1 John 2:11 But the one who hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.


2 comments on “What’s Wrong With Being “White” In America?

  1. Jim Zee
    February 28, 2015

    As a recent college grad from a liberal state-run university in a town they call “The Berkeley of Vermont” I was forced to be exposed at bus stops, dining halls, dormitories, and public spaces to the scourge of the senses, rapp music (an oxymoron).

    There is nothing more anti-white propaganda on the planet than this rubbish.

    And yet, if you do not embrace it, you are the white-devil-cracker-racist.

    When crap starts masquerading as art, and is accepted as such, the world is at a tipping point.

    You won’t see any rap fans at a Kid Rock or Ted Nugent concert…
    but you might see me :)

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  2. RightyPunditry
    March 2, 2015

    The true racist and bigots are Liberals, who are always pointing to the ‘right’ for what they DO themselves. Their minds are hopelessly diseased with Liberal propaganda.


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