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Liberal Denies “Christianphobia” While He Pontificates It

Idale_hansenf you are persecuted in America for living your Christian faith, it’s all your fault. At least that’s what an expert at the Huffington Post Religion section claims in an odd piece that simultaneously acknowledges and denies the existence of concentrated anti-Christian sentiment in the United States. The headline was “Christians to Blame for the ‘War on Christianity’”. Dale Hansen, a political blogger for the Detroit News, claimed that this “war” is the “pinnacle of all self-ascribed pity parties,” in part because Christians constitute 78 percent of the population while only 1.6 percent are what he calls “angry atheists.”

Using David and Jason Benham, whose show was canceled by HGTV for their advocacy of traditional marriage, as an object lesson, Hansen claimed “the problem wasn’t that they were against marriage equality. The problem was that they funded and organized an anti-gay rally…There are millions of Christians who don’t agree with same-sex marriage but only a portion of them shamefully resort to using the Bible as justification for their *hate speech….The fact that they are Christians is secondary to the fact that they have aggressively opposed the gay community in the past. Their actions, not their beliefs, cost them their potential television gig.”

So in Hansen’s mind, the problem was not that the Benham brothers had a private Biblically informed belief that homosexuality was wrong. here

I’ll take a wild guess here and presume that Dale Hanson isn’t a Christian, or Jew, but just maybe a wee bit atheist? One of those anti-God folks that thinks the entire concept of God, much less godliness, is a joke for fools. In other terms, a typical intolerant, Liberal-loving bigot.

The Benham brothers show was canceled do to their personal adherence and support of scripture. Isn’t that what the ‘tolerant Lib’ calls, intolerance? The brothers did not: vandalize a city, burn buildings, steal from store owners, repeat known, provable lies or scream vile language in the yard of a Governors aging parents. They just supported the right of a baby not to be murdered.

It has become acceptable and even admirable in present day America, to openly and loudly mock and malign outspoken, holding-to-the- faith-Christians, the Bible and our Creator God. The fact will always remain that God Himself, Who created all, calls homosexual acts, sin. Another fact is the same can be said of islam. But islam goes many steps further and murders anyone suspected of being a homosexual. I didn’t hear Hanson mention that of course, since that continues to be another aspect of the “peaceful religion” which Barack Hussein and other devout Liberals ignore to the point of denial.

Now some further facts to replace Hansen’s propaganda:

“On May 6, a Right Wing Watch (a Liberal, anti-conservative) blog post detailed the brothers’ history of protesting LGBT events, abortion, and gay marriage legislation. The twins’ father, Flip Benham, is the director of Operation Save America, a conservative Christian organization that has opposed abortion, homosexuality, and non-Christian religions for decades.  Jason and David organised a North Carolina prayer rally to protest same-sex marriage, and David has protested outside of abortion clinics. here

These men were simply ‘being Americans’ with their ‘free speech’ rights, granted by God and the Constitution. They were living what they believe. Is that criminal or *“hate speech”? Must we list every single Hollywood celebrity, university professor and TV news reader who has done the same, just in reverse? If that is now the standard, then all the pro-homosexual advocates and illegal supporting Liberals should also be tossed out of any job they might hope for! Is that the ‘new America’ we’re to live in? It appears more than certain, it’s the one Liberal and Democrats are striving for.

As for Dale Hansen’s assertion that there is no “Christianphobia” in America . . . . does he read what he writes? Does he pay attention to any of the news coverage of Christians being slaughtered around the world for their “religious” beliefs? The “hate speech” he hears, is coming from himself and other dead-ender Liberals who literally hate God, principled values and standards, ground in Christian beliefs.

“Those with Christianophobia comprise a group with a great deal of social control due to their racial status, gender, and education. Though they envision themselves as victims, they are in a position to influence society and punish those they disagree with.”

I only wish it were true. If it were, America would be much strong internally and abroad. But the sickness of ‘liberal values’ (or the lack thereof) has spread its disease from state to state, teaching there is no sin but the sin of Godly values.

Hansen and people like him honestly believe they have the “right” not to grant the Constitutional “right” to others who disagree on principle! Maybe this is how fascists, Nazi’s and communists take over country’s, by anointing themselves as superior, more intellectual individuals, who have not just the “right” they bestow upon themselves while denying to others — but the obligation. It’s the sweeter-side-of-bigotry they so eagerly support through any means afforded them.

The Bible condemns homosexuals acts and calls it “sin”.  It is the Christian’s “right” to express his “religious freedom”, political freedom and the “freedom of speech” to support these values. What has become acceptable in America, is punishing those who believes in these religious freedom, to lose their livelihood, be punished by corporations, radicals like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their own Government.

Liberals like Hansen will likely never see or understand that they are the offenders. Not until Judgement Day.


*“hate speech”, as defined by Liberals, is any and all words they don’t want to hear.


1 Timothy 1:10 “for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine
Rom 1:24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.
Lev. 18:22 ‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.


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