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Suspend Brian Williams? When Is Barack Hussein Going To Be “Suspended” For His Lies?!

williams remembers 9-11By suspending the “Nightly News” anchor for six months, NBC brass took a remarkable gamble on his viewers’ capacity for trust and forgiveness. They hope that by next summer Williams can return to the air. But they also put the reputation of NBC News in danger because someone at Williams’ level needs to be held to a higher standard.

News anchors, especially one at his level are not supposed to tell half truths or embellish the facts like a politician. He’s the highest profile face of one of the world’s most high profile news organizations and he should know better.here

obama liarYawn, yada, yada . . . Williams is just another egotistical, narcissistic lying Liberal fool, who spends time gazing into the proverbial, repeating “Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”  He’s been a serial liar who’s doesn’t report the ‘news’, but someone who’s throw in his biased opinion with either words or facial expressions for years. What’s actually new here?  The people who’ve know of these lies for years, finally came forward.

Again, yawn, yada, yada.. . .but don’t get me wrong. Williams just received a few consequences for his deeds, which is good; but where are the outcry’s of disgust that Barack Hussein Obama must be “suspended” or fired? For the last six years, all we’ve heard from the biased Liberals are crickets  . . . or excuses.

Which offense is actually worse? Brian Williams who’s made a fool of himself or Barack Hussein who’s made a fool of America?

Barack Hussein has made lying about what he believes and who he is, since before his taking over the highest office in the land. He was for “marriage” (meaning the normal, acceptable, natural definition of marriage), before he was for changing the definition of the word to mean something he could not and does not? No, he was never ‘for’ the true definition of marriage (here ). He’s always been for the perversion of the word and Godly created institution, just as surely as he knew no one could ‘keep their doctor if they liked their doctor’.

Obama’s lies are literally innumerable.  Just as those of both pathological Clinton’s are innumerable and voluminous. If these people weren’t so politically dangerous to the stability of our nation, it would be laughable. They too have made laughing-stock fools of themselves. But politicians have tremendous power over the people, so their lies are not amusing. They affect the lives of millions of people.

It’s all well and good to finally have one, but just ONE, corrupt biased, lying so-called “journalist” exposed and hoisted upon his own petard. But what about some media outrage over lying Obama. Not simply on FNC, which is one of the few places we can find some fairness in presentation, but the other Liberal driven outlets. Where are the anchor at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and local papers and news outlets, demanding accountability for those lies? Why not call for Obama’s ‘suspension’, aka Impeachment, for the load of lies he’s  boldly and joyfully hoisted on the American public?

That will never happen and we know why — these people are Democrats. They’re the deity of the Left. They are the worshiped ones who can do almost anything with few repercussions or consequences. Democrat voters and supporters, for the most part, do not care when Democrats indulge in unethical and immoral behavior. I’ve heard them say so, directly and openly, which to me means, they’re corrupt, lie and commit immoral, unethical acts and don’t have a problem when “their Democrats” do the same.

To these same people, is only Republicans who are immoral, unethical, lying, racist bigots who must be punished and penalized.

Our country doesn’t have much chance of improvement of any sort until we regain some morals and ethical standards, especially in our politicians. And I don’t really see that happening as the disease of Liberal insanity continues to spread like an STD in Mexico.


Bill Clinton:http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/outrage-ap-fact-check-notes-bill-clintons-record-lying_651881.html

Hillary Clinton: http://rare.us/story/6-inconvenient-truths-about-hillary-clinton/

Barack Hussein Obama: http://www.infowars.com/252-documented-examples-of-barack-obamas-lying-lawbreaking-corruption-cronyism-etc/

2 comments on “Suspend Brian Williams? When Is Barack Hussein Going To Be “Suspended” For His Lies?!

  1. farmer3579
    February 11, 2015

    Williams will most likely be replaced by another lie-berally educated skilled lying shill. Williams cardinal sin to the network wasn’t lying, it was getting caught, and that’s what disgraced the Peacock.

    Don’t bet on any other changes at the Big 3 networks other than whispered memos that read ‘don’t get caught’.

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  2. RightyPunditry
    February 11, 2015

    Bigger than 3 though, the media corrupt is a thick as thieves and 5x’s as dangerous.


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