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“Tolerance” — A One Way Street Pointed Toward Mecca

pig raceWhen a Texas pig farmer was approached and told that he should move so as to not offend the Muslim mosque the new neighbors were intending to build next to his property, the pig farmer did what any other politically incorrect person would do: He began holding pig races during their time of prayer.

Kamel Fotouh purchased 11 acres next door to Craig Baker’s pig farm with the purpose of building a Mosque and Muslim community center. Baker claims that Fotouh, after purchasing the land, approached him and asked him to pack up and move. Baker alleges that Fotouh called him a “liar” during a town meeting.

Now, the pig farmer hosts pig races on Friday afternoons at the same time that Muslims next door are holding their afternoon prayer sessions. On the outside, it might look like childish feud; however, what this scenario represents is the clash of cultures and religions occurring in America and the kind of dangers that Europe is now encountering.

While many Muslims are peaceful, there remains a steadfastness in their faith that the rest of the world must adhere to their understandings of the world, their cultural norms and traditions.

Though liberals might consider Baker’s actions “intolerant,” it is exactly the opposite; when the Muslim man moved next door, Baker was not the one to cross the fence and ask him to move because his lifestyle offended him. Instead, it was the religious zealot who asked the pig farmer to uproot his life for the sake of Fotouh’s spiritual harmony. here

This has played out many times in American over the last decade or so . . . *muslims who take a job in a grocery and then demand not to have to touch packaged pork products. The store concedes instead of doing what’s correct and telling the employee to do the job they were hired to do or be fired. Muslim taxi driver’s who refuse to pick up a client with a bottle of wine or dog. Some muslims have begun asking respect for sharia law in America  . . . instead of accepting American law.And yet these “intolerant” muslims call others ‘intolerant’?

The intolerance of muslim blooming on American soil, exactly has it has done throughout Europe which didn’t demand these people assimilate, but treated them as special.

Tolerance a one way street according to Liberals, who have much, much in common with the fundamental, intolerant mulsim. Does that include someone like Fotouh? Evidently, yes.

INTOLERANT SIGNThis mosque must have know who it’s ‘neighbor’ would be, yet they went ahead with their planned mosque  and subsequent demands. And as usual, when the demands of “intolerant” muslims are not met, they cry “intolerance”.

Liberals demand  that others accept their immorality and unethical behavior or be called intolerant. We’re expected to embrace homosexuals decision to marry or else be  called ‘intolerant, hate mongering homophobes’. . . . all while Liberals create and pass laws to punish Christians and principled, Constitutional Conservatives.

Liberals are in the minority in America and yet rule as the majority.

Craig Baker could have done the nicey-nice thing and conceded to this unneighborly demand, but what he did made a point, which might have needed to be made! Whether muslims or Liberals like it or not, Baker, as the rest of American, has rights too. And the majority must occasionally take a stand for those rights and liberties by defending our God-given rights to live our lives without the bigoted “intolerance” of our Government, or “peaceful” muslims.

*I make errs in my writings, no doubt, but not capitalizing ‘muslim’ or ‘islam’ is not one of them.

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  1. Jim Zee
    February 4, 2015

    I’ll take my pork chops well done, please. And a side of bacon for my dog, Christian. :)

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