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Liberals ‘War On America’ Continues To Grow And Spread Insanity

“You’ve heard of ‘white privilege’ maybe even ‘male privilege’ or ‘straight privilege.’ It’s a term liberals foist upon people who supposedly have better lives to the disadvantage of others, simply because they fit into a mainstream demographic. Mostly, it’s a grad-level way of saying, “Shut up.”

idiotsAnd of course, liberals being liberals, they’re always looking to expand the whining franchise (or should that be disenfranchise?)

Here’s the latest: HuffPost contributor Bella DePaulo, author of the woe-is-me sounding books “Singled Out,” and “Singlism,” adds in another point of discrimination: marriage. Her long-winded diatribe, “Do you, married person, take these unearned privileges, for better or for better?” defines marriage privilege as this:

“Yet, in the United States in the 21st century, the ism and the privilege that disadvantage nearly half of the country’s adult population have gone largely unrecognized. Singlism — the stereotyping, stigmatizing and discrimination against people who are not married — and marital privilege — the unearned advantages that benefit those who are married — continue to frequently slip under the cultural radar.

These pathetic, self-imposed fools make me physically ill… a side effect, not doubt, of having a functioning brain stem. It’s increasingly difficult to have a conversation with and listen to, anyone who isn’t at least somewhat ‘conservative’. Liberals are factually and honestly — insane. As insane as the islamic ‘extremist’ which Liberals, lead by the Lune-in-Chief Obama, refuse to call terrorist.

America has brought this on herself. Decade after decade of placing insane Liberal Democrats in office. They are the “extremist” associated with the religion of Self, Self Denial and Secularism. The ‘Left’, Democrats,  destroy all it touches. All things ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’, such as marriage, which is an institution created by God for men and woman, the God created institution of ‘family’, patriotism to America and a whole slew of other formerly, common places beliefs, are now tagged as unacceptable, evil and to be abolished. The reason being, the Left’s hatred of normal, commons sense, Godly traditions of America, which they now pronounce as some phony “privilege” to be punished.

Under the reign of Emperor Obama, things to be punished and destroyed are: Republicans, Christians, the “right”, marriage, family, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-a  . . . . and having the curse of being born “white”.  Insane.

The Left (Democrats/ Liberals) have destroyed our public schools with their insane mandates, co-gender-bathrooms down through the cafeteria and what parents want to feed their children. Their ‘war on America’ is never-ending. I won’t address this particular Leftist cranky hatred of marriage being ‘privileged’ … enough said that this is insanity which should be immediately confined and treated. But they Left loves insanity and the darkness  . . . and not the light nor enlightenment. There’s little help unless it’s want. And these insane, radical fools rejected ‘help’ long ago.

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