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Glowing Glozell Gushes Over Narcissist Obama As He Gushes Over Himself

President Barack Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he speaks before a joint session of Congress in March.

But Barack Obama will meet with YouTuber GloZell Green today. here

Honestly, there’s nothing else to say.  I’m well aware Barack Hussein has no respect for the Office he holds.  Just as he has no respect for Congress nor the Constitution.  He’s so controlled and possessed by bias, ignorance and bigotry, that he can’t get pass his own narcissism. But to meet with this poor, stupid  bath-tub-cereal-eating woman, should give American and combined migraine.

really-Glozell appears to be the typical Obama voter, who is clueless beyond what Kim Kardashian or Beyonce are wearing any day of the week. Declaring her disrespect and stupidity regarding the “popo” (police if you’re unfamiliar with the black- slang- talk), she is an embarrassment to herself. . . . and to any thinking American.

But Barack Hussein must surely know better. Know better than to congregate with the silliness of Youtube “celebrities”. Obviously the answer to that is, NO?

Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a true Statesman and man of dignity, unlike ole Barack, gets snubbed as Obama says he has no time to meet with that Head of State.  The Prime Minister of Israel is blessed, not to have to meet with our disgraceful president.

As for myself and the majority of Americans, we’ll be blessed with Barrack is gone, gone, gone….


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