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Drop The Guns — Arm Yourselves With Can Goods!

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An eastern Alabama school principal is asking students to bring cans of food such as corn and peas as a way of fighting off a school intruder. W.F. Burns Middle School Principal Priscella Holley said in a Friday letter to parents that a can could stun an intruder “or even knock him out” until police arrive.

Holley wrote that the cans would empower students if an intruder enters their classroom at the school in Valley, Alabama.

Chambers County Schools Superintendent Kelli Hodge told The Associated Press the letter was sent after school employees received training from Auburn University’s public safety department.

Hodge says throwing cans or other items would be a last resort for students unable to evacuate. She says the cans would be stored in classrooms and students wouldn’t be carrying them around school. here

Stunning! Truly breath-taking!  Self defense brought to a completely new level, thanks to Liberals! And I must say, this is something any can holster(reasonable) person would never have thought of.

Gun Free Zone are provably the most dangerous areas to be in.  Those pesky evil-doers with guns, knives and  . . . pinto beans, are forewarned that there is no armed defense.  Just sitting duck. So of course, the next best thing must be can goods?

But now those mean, nasty folks armed with revolvers and kitchen knives, will have to shrink back in horror at the prospects of flying green beans!? This should also ensure the safety of all employees and shoppers are grocery stores.  Who knew?

Turn in your guns and feel free to cancel those gun lessons and permit requirements. Slap on your Can Holster and feel safe and secure. . . . no need to let the facts get in your way.


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