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The Glaring Insanity Of Liberalism: Or “How To Become A Bigot Without Even Trying”

liberal nutsLiberals are insane, as well as quite accomplished professional bigots, seeing and believing what doesn’t exist, aka, the definition of insanity.

This 1983 movie, became a Christmas favorite TV movie many years ago.  And a way to rerun it yearly, all day, and allow a small staff to keep the network up and running on Christmas day.  Oh the horror.  But thanks to one of the insane among us, it’s now been declared “racist” and full of “white privilege”. here

I long for the day when the insane were locked in ‘mental institution’ for treatment, instead of being thrown out in the streets to become homeless and professional thieves (a Democrat policy). But this newest breed of the insane, usually come with a (Liberal) degree from some (Liberal) Institution For The Insane, formerly known as Universities. Filled with themselves and growing ego’s, which convince themselves that they’re smarter than all others (Jonathan Gruber, the ‘obamacare’ designing fool, who blasted Democrat voters as being “stupid”), this self-centered, Liberal foo is no exception.  No doubt she feels she’s reached the pentacle of enlightenment by becoming a racist of her own white self.  Insanity.

For hundreds of years, kids grew up playing with toy guns.  Very few were shot dead by anyone. But before that, kids were actually being raised learning to shoot real guns and contributing to the family meals. Few of them were ever shot dead either.

What happened to this kids a few weeks ago is sad indeed, but did the parents of the 12-year-old (hardly a toddler) ever tell him not to point the toy gun at the cops? Did anyone ever tell him to show respect for authority, especially the police, who told him to ‘drop the gun’, and he did not? How in crimany are the police to know it wasn’t real? Accidents happen, but much of the time, we have control over them through our bad or careless behavior.

This crazy female actually thinks she’s giving herself some special ‘dispensation’ by slamming “white” people as special and privileged. Disgusting and stupid, but she no doubt, feels she’ll receive many accolades of recognition, by making racist comments about her own race.  Insane. And possibly hope to receive an Al Less-than Sharpton award for hating ‘whitey’.  She’s so convinced herself of her intelligence, that she never bothers with facts — like few black folks are shot and/or killed by cops.  Most of their deaths come from their black neighbors within the hood.

I hope she’ll shut up and go away. In lieu of that, perhaps she’ll gain some real knowledge somewhere along the way and stop investing in her insanity. I won’t hold my breath. By the age of 30, most of these people are hopeless lost in their self-imposed insanity and mental disease of Liberalism, with no way back.  I should know. We have several in our family tree.

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