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The “W” Word Banned By Liberals As Intolerant Hate Speech

hard workIt’s Christmas.  A time to remember peace, love, and joy, as the saying goes.  But Liberals continue to forge the line of “fundamental transformation” of America.  Our heritage, our morals, our ethical standards, our traditions, culture and language, all of which Liberals find fault. But we, the normal, rational, patriotic American citizen, are expected to give them homage.

To that I say, ‘bah humbug!!‘ The only problem with America is their fascist seeking Liberalism.

While working on the pecan pie, I overheard parts of a conversation on Fox and Friends.  It was an interview with a young black man and his Mother.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the entirety of the conversation, but enough to understand that this man was giving praise, honor and respect to both of his parents. He also said that they had taught him “hard work” pays off.  And that, my friends, is the very soul of America.  Hard work by the individual, where he can achieve as high a goal as he sets for himself.

It was then that it became clear, that another normal, everyday word has been shunned by Liberals: work.

I would say that Liberals behave as if it’s a dirty word, but dirty words don’t bother them.  It’s the descent words which cause them such ire. Words such as work, respect for parents, neighbors, country, flag . . . and law enforcement.

Liberals have striven to ‘fundamentally transform’ America for way to many decades. They attack our foundation by attacking our traditional institutions and thereby, attacking the individual.

Work is a privilege. As much as we all look forward to those days off, time to goof off and even those trying times spent with family (we all know some relatives are beyond taxing, do we not?), if it weren’t for the ability and capability of working, we’d all be homeless and dependent on either the good will of a few, stealing from many or worst of all — government. It’s working that gives us character, conviction and some pride in our self-worth. . . .  which is what Liberalism  steals.

Some devoted Liberals choose to view themselves as caring and compassionate, because they choose to believe in a benevolent, big ‘papa’ Government giving a person a fish to eat.  The smarter among us understanding that true caring and compassion comes from fishing for ourselves. Providing not just our needs, but for many of our wants.

Government can’t do that. All government can do is control the population. This is usually accomplished through force, legal compliance, which is the very reason our Founders sought to constrain Government to a Constitution, keeping it small and out of our lives.

Christmas in December is the time our nation chose to set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior  . . . . or Santa, whichever deity you respect.  As for the cranks who respect only their ‘anti-traditional’ beliefs, have a jolly whatever anyway. But after we’ve un-decked the halls and stored birth of christall the Christmas decorations,  let’s give some thought to the blessing of work. To that old soul who hired us and the Grinch in Human Resources who said we’ve already used all our Sick Days. We’re blessed to have work to provide for ourselves and our families.

Working isn’t a four -letter-foul-word to be shunned, scorned and abandoned. It’s what God provided so we can provide for ourselves, after we said no to Him the first time.  His grace is still active.  It might be most active in gainful production, self-respect, honor to God, country and our fellow-man. Merry Christmas and don’t forget to count those blessing — one of which should be working. Work is a word of character and achievement for those who respect it.


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