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Our Jerk In Chief President Continues His Imperial Rhetoric


“Despicable Me!”

In his weekly address released on Saturday, President Barack Obama said that in the remaining two years of his presidency he plans to work with Congress but will take unilateral action when he believes he needs to do so.

“I’ll act on my own when it’s necessary,” Obama said. here

As this man himself knows, he has very little upon which he can “act on” his own. The Constitution ensures that no one man can rule the people according to his personal whims . . .  which of course, must be forced upon radical, imperial men, which is Barack Hussein. Congress has failed at their legal duties to hold this out- of- control individual in check. Thus all of America will continue to suffer for decades.

Obama, who likes to pretend he was a ‘college Professional’ of the Constitution, is informed enough to know he can’t ‘act on his own’ or do as he pleases.  He has no authority to tell Congress what to do or when . . . and yet he still makes his ‘demands’ like a spoiled 5 year old. That annoying little “separation of powers” thing is just something this fraud ignores and lies about. Despicable.

Little narcissistic Barack tosses out his Marxist mindset with little to no push back from the media.  The majority Democrat adoring media will of course, say or do nothing to make their beloved ‘dear leader’ look bad — like reporting facts. Their sole duty is to stay in the litter box and coverup all they can and like any loyal Democrat, ignore all but the smell.

We’ll all try to have a ‘Merry Christmas’ and some maybe even long to be in a place like Hawaii, where the Führer and his family are. But I rather go to sleep at night knowing our nation is safe with strong border control, a growing military who are well equipment and trained accordingly, headed by a man who gives a damn. It could be awhile before we see any of that.

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