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Liberal Supporting Anarchist Using Violence And “Hands Up” As A Means To An End

Ferguson.Oakland.RiotersA man attempting to stop a fire at an Oakland Ferguson riot got beat up, losing two teeth and having his glasses thrown in a dumpster by violent racist thugs.

“This is not how we do this,” said the man trying to put out the fire, while others are yelling “Kill the cops,” with one loud-mouthed woman screaming repeated profanities, telling the man trying to put out the dumpster fire to “get the f*ck out” for “acting like a cop,” and calling him a “white boy.”

One voice of reason, at approximately the 5:50 minute mark, speaks up to the out-of-control woman who encouraged the beat down, saying to her, “You’re supporting violence, you’re not defending anybody.”  here

People like Al Sharpton, Leftist on MSNBC and beyond and even this White House, verbally support this radical fools. The reason why? They too are radicals who use these anarchist for political causes.

Sharpton, like A.G. Eric Holder, is obviously doing the bidding of Obama, to ‘keep the fires’ of protests and rioters, moving forward. Just as we saw the violent anarchists in the ‘occupy Wall Street’ protesters, these acts create chaos and become a distraction . A distraction for many things Obama does behind closed doors, that are destructive to our foundation.

It’s also horrendous,when my personal opinion of the Federal government-owned and operated by Barack Hussein Obama, draws as much respect as the government owned and operated by Communist Raul Castro.  But the truth is, there appears to be little difference in the big picture.

Having watched how Obama and the regime have operated the past 6 years, my concern is Obama is working toward Martial Law (‘martial law’ is the imposition of the highest-ranking military officer as the military governor or as the head of the government). This would give little Barack the power he so lust after.

I believe Obama does love the  homegrown ‘insurgent, agitator, subversive and terrorist’ (who are radical Leftist) as a means to his end. They’re not only a distraction the biased media will follow like a ‘shiny object’ on the distant horizon, but give him more opportunity to implement his schemes.

I hope I’ll be proved wrong, but having been correct on the Obama regime this far, I don’t feel encouraged. There’s much this evil man wants to carry out before he leaves office (assuming he’ll following that Constitutional mandate?).  He’s not nearly finished in his “fundamental transformation” for our previously liberty conscious nation.


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