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Torture Smorchure . . . I Live Next To Barking Dogs

feinstein torture-waterboarding-cartoon

There can be little doubt, except for the anti-American radicals who I discount as whiny cranks, that the CIA was not involved in any real “torture”.  Sen. John McCain should be, but will not be, equally ashamed of his bellowing support of Sen. Feinstein lopsided, Democrat drummed up report to smear Pres. Bush, the CIA and America’s ‘exceptionalism’.

It’s mandatory to know that our own military goes through ‘waterboarding’ in training exercises. Watch this clip of Marines to see the ‘torture’ in action (here . . . and disregarding the laughing, which I’m sure was unintentional?)  Even though our military goes through the horrors of ‘waterboarding’, I’ve yet to read that any of our Marines, SEALS or Rangers, go running from the Mess Hall screaming torture . . . even when the eggs are rubbery. Yea them!

We also know that waterboarding must be very discomforting and unpleasant, just as we know that  it’s also not: electrocution, cutting for digits, arms, legs . . . or heads, with a rusty knife, the real definition of torture.  It’s an extreme shower.

I live next to two yappy little dogs (owned by Democrats, of course) who bark 24/7 at things as horrifying as leaves blowing across the yard.  In my world, that’s tortureand I’m sure we all have our own personal tortures. But when it comes to interrogating detainees, I find nothing too extreme or too torturous for those barbarians.

The CIA was working to save American lives.  But Feinstein, McCain and many others just as soon see Americans die, rather than have the CIA gain helpful intelligence from terrorist, who are occasionally waterboarding and deprived of sleep? I bet Feinstein would be singing a different tune were her useless hide captured by al Qaeda.

There’s little question that ole Dianne Fienstine had an ax to grind against Pres. George W. Bush, who, let’s be honest, is the Democrats real enemy. In fact, any and all Republicans are high on the Ten Most Wanted list of Democrats, who embrace the world backasswards from reality. Thus that one-sided, $48-million-dollars-boondoggle-report of so-called torture during the Bush administration, had to be waved around like a badge of honor for other anti-American Liberal cranks, the biased American press and world dictators. I’m sure she slept with a grin on her face last night . . . regardless of the heightened threat to Americans around the world.

60MinutesStahlEnsureShe also blathered on about sleep deprivation . . . and then’s there’s reporter Lesley Stahl’s dithering interview with former CIA Interrogator Jose Rodriguez, where she whined about detainees being give Ensure ( here)!  I’ve had Ensure and it’s not bad.  As for sleep deprivation, that comes naturally as we age and why God made sleep aids. But torture? Nah.

This is simply another example of the self-imposed stupidity which Liberals gladly and gleefully dive into head first . . . which might explain some of their stupidity.  All those head blows against the concrete wall of reality, must have consequences. What it does not do, is allow them to create their own version of truth, facts and reality. It doesn’t even completely explain their hatred for all things Republican.

Dianne Feinstein got what she wanted: media attention, applause from Liberal numbskulls and another chance to punish and malign George W. Bush. And it gained her no respect, except in her own mind.

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