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Unqualified Evidence That This Corrupt Democrat Cares Only For Her Agenda — Not Facts

hannity_nortonIn a startling admission last night, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D – D.C.) told Sean Hannity that what happened in Ferguson, based on the evidence, is not her concern.

This came about in a discussion about Congressional members who used their time on the House floor to engage in what is known as the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protests, which refers to the rumor that the deceased Michael Brown had put his hands up before he was shot by Officer Darren Wilson, which further testimony insinuated was false.

The Congresswoman made clear that she did not engage in the protest but Hannity asked her why she did not speak out against that action.

“Did you read the evidence that was released in this case? Hannity asked.

“I did not, and that is not a concern,” Holmes replied.

“The evidence isn’t a concern? What?!” the visibly stunned host shot back.

Norton declared that her concern was to discuss relations between African-Americans and law enforcement.  Video: here

This would be absolutely staggering… were it not the expected responsible for a Liberal who’s only true concern is for the ‘agenda’ and not the consequences of a lie. But if her grave “concern” were over blacks verses the police, might she consider teaching her ‘black constituent’ how to properly interact with authority? Being belligerent, aggressive, cursing and assaulting is never a smart idea, lady.

Congresswoman Norton is a rather pathetic fool or she apparently enjoys playing one for the public. I understand the false narrative she was attempting to push, but facts and evidence should never be ignored in lieu of the propaganda. They can’t be thrown to the wayside for the ‘bigger picture’, which doesn’t’ even exist.

These radical Democrats have created another false issue, “racism in America” because of the failure and agenda of their grand poobah, Barack Hussein Obama. That man has never wanted any of the intelligent public to see or question what he’s doing, but only to accept his rhetoric.  So yet again, he switched the vocals from his illegal, unconstitutional act of giving illegals backdoor amnesty to some false story of racism. And being an equally complying, guilty Democrat, ole Norton goes along.

What a travesty this is now American politics, where any damn fool can stay in office by appeasing a corrupt President and ignorant constituents. Is there any hope for Americans to regain what they’re so quickly throwing again?


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