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Your “Ham Sandwich” Is Full Of Baloney

don't fight with copsThe black Republican (Michael Steele) also had interesting things to say about police officers.

“We very much appreciate the protections and the role that police play in our communities,” Steele stated, “but there are some very, very bright lines, that have begun to appear over the last 18 to 24 months, and they tell us, at least, that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich?”  “Well, clearly, a black man’s life is not worth a ham sandwich when you put these stories together, and that the frustration that a lot of African-Americans see, and a lot of Americans, quite honestly, have with these two decisions.” See more at: here

These sorts of comments are annoying and frustrating. Steele isn’t partially known for being a biased man, although he does appear color blind in this situation. But this is clearly an inappropriate assumption from a man who should know better.

There is nothing in either of these case, Brown or Garner, which indicated that they had anything to do with race! More than a minion point, I might add.  I also don’t believe in buying into the Liberal set narrative.

What both cases had in common are that both of these people, Brown and Garner, argued and fought with police. What fool doesn’t understand that’s a dangerous, foolish decision? Had they not, they’d both be alive. Neither were “targeted”, neither were treated unfairly or lost their “civil rights” because they were “black”.  They were both caught in illegal, criminal acts.

BaloneyWe’re all supposed to be accountable for our actions . . . or does that only apply to non-blacks? Are they to be treated special, with empathy and disregard for their violent, criminal activity? To listen to Obama, Holder, Sharpton and many others with radical and political bias, we’re to believe so.

Garner had been arrested 31 previous times.  Had he fought with police in any of these instance, he might have died long ago. So let’s move along and start dealing with the facts, instead of the Liberal agenda of division, hatred and bigotry. Unfortunate for America, that agenda never seems to fit any ‘sandwich’ contrived by a Liberal.

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