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Is Obama And The “Radical Left” Intentionally Undermining Our Judicial System?

common-man-vs-obamaMark Levin, radio talk show host: My reaction is that Farrakhan is a violent, hateful, racist anti-Semite. And the fact that the president of the United States didn’t denounce those comments, the fact that the attorney general of the United States didn’t denounce those comments, the fact that not a single Democrat went to the floor of the House or the floor of the Senate and denounced that man and what he stands for, and not even a Republican, as far as I know, is unbelievable to me.

Now, this country’s being turned upside down by this president and attorney general and their surrogates. So the question is why. And I’ll tell you why, among other reasons. In the black community under our first black president and our first black attorney general, it’s miserable! High unemployment. The schools stink! And they oppose school choice.

So now Obama and Holder and …..undermining our police officers, all police officers, regardless of race, pushing what? An agenda to nationalize local police forces? The civil rights division of the Justice Department should be defending all those little shop owners who are minorities.  . . .

I hear these phony, fraudulent lawyers on TV all the time talking about the grand jury. This matter should have never gone to the grand jury. The reason the prosecutor took it to the grand jury was to try to turn down the temperature that Eric Holder had turned up. So he took it to the grand jury just for an effort to try and ease tensions. The fact of the matter is there was nothing here ever, period, science, forensics, witnesses, all the same.”  here

“A government of laws, and not of men.” John Adams

We were founded as ‘a nation of laws and not men’. This ensures that when potential criminal act occurs, we have facts and the law upon which to base a decision. Then we are to respect, not like, those decision and keep chaos and lawlessness at bay.  It also ensures that the country will no be controlled on the whim of a few, or one man; but that isn’t true with the Obama regime. Obama has decided which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. He’s changed law and rewritten the law, to suite his personal agenda. With “obamacare”, he’s rewritten it more than a dozen times. He’s ready to unconstitutionally act to grant ‘legalization’ to million of illegals, most of which will end up as ‘government dependents’.

Clearly, he hasn’t upheld his Oath of Office.

Now Barack Hussein Obama and the equally corrupt Eric Holder are working in tandem to undermine our Judicial System, which they swore to uphold. The Grand Jury system has been around since the 10th century. But when the results don’t suited the racially biased Obama, Holder and the radical Left, chaos must ensue.

Both Obama and Holder have intentionally maligned our police forces throughout America — not just those scorned, hardworking men and women in Ferguson Missouri and New York City. Obama and Holder have inferred that they’ll all “racist”, unjust bigots.  And all without a”smidgen” of evidence.  The question should be asked, why is the Obama regime “targeting” the police and judicial system? Their political agenda.

Obama and the compliment Democrats literally forced “obamacare” on Americans, who didn’t want it.  Even some fearful-of-the-public Democrats are now saying it was a “mistake”.  Obama is continuing to cut our military to levels we haven’t seen in almost a 100 years, making America ‘less ready’ to defend herself. He is directly accountable for 70% (!) of the now 18 trillion dollars worth of debt we’ve liable for.

Obama has also played the race-card since before his election — all a scheme to divide America, gain voters, malign Republicans and “white” Americans as well as divide the country. If we want to know why would any President do these horrendous acts, we can in part learn by from his own words . . . or those of his ghost-writer, in the Barack book, “Dreams From My Father” and one of Obama’s mentor’s, Sal Alinsky’s book, “Rules For Radicals”. As the Conservation town criers said in 2007, this man is not fit to hold public office, much less that of President. We’ve been proved correct.

Democrats, the Left and those totally uninformed, ignorant voters, touted Obama’s greatness by the ‘crease in his pants’ ( here ) and his empty, lie filled rhetoric. He wasn’t vetted, much less investigated by the Media, because he was  . .  . .  an adored Democrat. If he had been a Republican or even treated as one, the public would have been informed of his first flatulence.

But Obama’s belching of “fundamental transformation” sounded so good, to the willfully ignorant and painfully radical of America. None of them even asked, “What does he mean?”, so eager we they for a Democrat. A democrat who was a Marxist, radicalized, anti-colonialism. A “fundamentally” anti-American belief, based on a false premise, which Obama holds dear.

Obama’s fundamental transformation is changing America from what it was founded to be: allowing maximum freedom of the individual. But Liberals and ‘radicals’, want top down, government control that all King’s and Dictators desire. That isn’t what Americans wanted, but it’s what Americans will get every time it votes for Liberal Democrats or liberal, loving Republicans.

Every time the Constitution is twisted, ignored or trampled, this results are devastation to the country. And every time our Laws are  twisted, ignored or trampled, places us a step closer to total chaos and collapse.



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