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Hillary Clinton’s Not The Only One Without That “New Car Smell”!

hillary-roadsterPresident Barack Obama says voters want a “new car smell” in the 2016 White House race and that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be “a great president. They want to drive something off the lot that doesn’t have as much mileage as me,”  He said a number of possible Democratic candidates would make “terrific presidents,” but Hillary Clinton is the only one he mentioned by name.” . here

This is either the best, or worse, put down of another politician, that I’ve heard of.  And not surprising that it came from our less than professional dictator, Barack Obama. It’s also worth more than a one time giggle, of Obama’s inference that Hillary’s an “old car smell”.  I’m also sure Hilly was fuming over that below the double chin jab.

Mrs. Bill Clinton is definitely aging, but aren’t we all. Her real problem as far as sensible Americans should be concerned, is her radicalism and incompetence. Those who love her don’t care about her age . . . nor competence, because they’re hopelessly uninformed, “low information voters” who love Democrats because they’re Democrats.

She’s accomplished nothing noteworthy over her many years hanging around, inserting herself into or being in the political theater. Shall I say Benghazi again? Is it necessary? Both she and Barack are responsible for the deaths of Americans there, as they are for the lies they created afterwards. In spite of what the political fools in Congress decided.

Then there’s “hillarycare”, ‘obamacares’ real predecessor. She and ‘ole Billy-boy’ were harshly rebuke for that blunder and then sent to the corner.  But as we know, old Socialist ideas never go away, they’re simply renamed, re-branded and called ‘new’.

Yes, Hillary Rodham Hilton has lost that ‘new car smell’. So have Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush . . . so please, can we have some fresh blood — or new cars? Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are both new and fragrant, as real Conservatism is. And nothing is quite so unpleasantly melodious as a Socialist . . . .  or those phony Conservatives.

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  1. Paul H. Lemmen
    December 4, 2014

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  2. Lorra B.
    December 6, 2014

    Wow! I can’t believe he said that!! Bahahahaha!

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