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Who Are The New “Racist” In America?

handsup_destroy-riotersDo facts even matter to the radical, devote Liberals or is it always agenda driven? The answer appears obvious.

The Washington Post isn’t noted for being particularity ‘centrist’ in it’s ‘news’ presentation or commentary. Here are two more reasons why:

“As proof the national media is trying to turn Ferguson into Selma – with no appreciation of a difference in racism between Alabama in the 1960s and St. Louis in 2014 – see Krissah Thompson’s Thanksgiving Day dissertation in The Washington Post. A headline was “To many, ‘Ferguson’ is shorthand for police mistreatment of blacks.”

Though it has been less than four months since Michael Brown was killed, the town seems to have entered the pantheon of places that stand as metaphors. Ferguson’s symbolism now sits alongside Selma’s significance in the civil rights movement, Columbine as a symbol of teenage rage and gun violence, . . . . As some townspeople purchased Ferguson paraphernalia to show their civic pride, local social activists adopted the city’s name, too, calling themselves “Ferguson protesters.”  See more at: here

ferguson riots1Let’s simply examine the facts. Facts which were testified to by eyewitness (both black and white, since that has such importance to the Left) and the testimonies of the Medical Examiners, of which there were no less than three.  There were numerable Government Officials, including FBI Agents, who sent to “oversee” the proceedings in Ferguson.

The facts, the evidence, supported the version of Officer Wilson, who was physically and verbally attacked by a huge black  man, who weighed around 300 lbs, almost 100 lb. over Wilson’s weight. Brown was using drugs at the time, had just committed a felony, “strong-armed” theft, bullied a store owner, was unwilling to comply with an Officer’s request to ” move to the sidewalk” instead of blocking traffic, fought with and was aggressive toward the same officer, and who moments later “charged” him with obvious intent to commit further injury.  Michael Brown refused to stop, even after shots were fired, eventually resulting in his death.

WHO was more responsible for his demise? How many of us of any ethnic origin, could do the things Brown did and not be shot?

Another article from the Left leaning WashPo:

“The name Ferguson should become shorthand for dehumanization.

No one should have been surprised that police officer Darren Wilson was not charged in the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. I’ve written before, and likely will have to write again, about the tragically low value our society places on the lives of young black men. Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch led the grand jury in a manner that seemed designed to indict the unarmed Brown and not the man who shot him dead. The outcome was not in suspense.   here

There is not one sentential of evidence that race was involved in the shooting, unless Brown himself was racist. There is certainly no evidence or suggestion that the entire Ferguson police department, or town, is “racist”. But facts are insignificant to Liberals and usually do nothing but get in the way of the personally agenda. And yet, the WashPo author declares Ferguson “dehumanized” barbarians who torched and burned down the building of business owners simply for the reason that . . . they could. Who was actually “dehumanizing” who?

This Washington Post author is angry that Officer Wilson wasn’t charged with a crime — that he never committed. Evidence, facts backed up his account, so there was no cause to indite, much less find him guilty of self-defense.

If the “low value our society places on the lives of young black men” were this man’s true concern, why doesn’t he address the enormous ‘black on black’ murder rate in Chicago, which, by the way is controlled and run by Democrats, ever addressed? I believe I’ve answered by own question.  sssssh, but it doesn’t look good for Democrats.

Liberal blacks aren’t actually overly concerned with the “tragically low value… of young black men”, when they’re murdered by other black men. There’s only a problem when a non-black is involved . . . in self-defense.

The hypocrisy, hatred, racism and bigotry is obvious . . . and it’s coming from Liberal black and white Americans. The key component appears to be in the commonality of the Liberal ideology.

This has been growing the last many years, as the Left (Liberals) see votes and money to be gain by chaos and societal division. There’s nothing the Left likes more than those two elements working within any society.  It also becomes volatile when fixed with the Professional’s in the “grievance industry”, like that of community organizers, who job it is — to see that both are accomplished. This is why it’s not surprising to see it pushed by Barack Hussein Obama, his corrupt regime and the willing, compliant media types.

These types of articles and commentary and meant to do one thing: keep the hate alive.  Fester wounds for the “grievance industry” so they can make unreasonable demands, like lynching of innocent ‘white people’.  Or at the very least, put them in prison, to appease their dark, bigoted souls in the lust for some phony “social justice”.

The real “socialist justice” the Leftist demand, must be defined as ‘unjustly punishing white American because  of the embittered black racist in America’.  Which is more than likely, the underlying cause if the deaths of  both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

spread the hate to kidsAmerica still has a problem with racism. But it’s not emitting from the ‘white community’ but from the race hustlers who feed their sickness to the children, viewers, those who listen to their televisions commentary, to their student and to their own children. It’s bitterness which takes over the rational mind and corrupt soul. It’s too many black Americans who listen to the wrong people and regurgitate the wrong ideas because they’ve been raised on hate, hostility and self-pity.

Sadly, they’ll never be appeased or satisfied or even happy, unless spitting out their venom in an attempt to hurt other people. But in doing so, the ones they hurt the most are — themselves and their children.




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