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You Can’t “Dialogue” With The Devil

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Asked whether dialogue with the Islamic State is possible, Pope Francis said it wouldn’t be easy, but that he would never rule it out. …..

“I never consider something a lost cause, never,” Francis said. “Maybe we can’t have a dialogue, but never close the door. It is difficult, you might say ‘almost impossible,’ but the door is always open.”

The door may be open from the Pope’s side, but everything suggests that things look quite different from the side of ISIS.

On the cover of its October issue, the Islamic State’s online magazine Dabiq placed a doctored photo showing Saint Peter’s Square with its central obelisk flying a black flag, with the title: “The Failed Crusade.” here

How do you have a “dialogue” with barbarians who have sworn for generations to murder you and everyone else who doesn’t agree with their ideology? Which makes me realize once again, how much terrorist have in common with the everyday, radical Liberal Democrat —  “My way or the highway” and radicals make sure the ‘highway’ is spiked with ‘roadside bombs’ of personal destruction. ‘No Dialogue Required Or Requested‘ should be embroidered on all the aforementioned t-shirts.

Not to impugn the Catholic leader, but he’s as wrong as the Barack Hussein regime.  People of this sort, the totally lost souls of humanity, must be defeated and irradiated, which means death to the majority.  You can’t reason with a shark or a Tasmanian devil anymore than you can reason or dialogue with the devil himself. And a good case can be made that these people are filled with unreasonable demons.

Keep praying Pope but leave the “dialogue” to the Marines.


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    November 27, 2014

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