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Ferguson, Missouri: Justice Isn’t Our Personal Opinion . . . Nor Is It Revenge

msnbcbsMSNBC (Liberal) Contributor Michelle Bernard: Michael Brown Latest ‘Casualty’ In ‘War on Black Boys’
MSNBC contributor Michelle Bernard called for the federal Justice Department to “get involved” in prosecuting Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson regardless of the outcome of the St. Louis County grand jury investigation.

Rehashing a charge she leveled earlier this year, Bernard insisted that Brown was the latest “casualty” of a nationwide “war on black boys,” and castigated conservatives who support “state’s rights” by suggesting that the notion was simply an excuse for racist, unequal treatment of blacks by law enforcement.”  – See more at: here

Yet another ‘race hustler’ at MSNBC? Certainly appears so . . . maybe MSNBC should correct its name of R(acism) I(ncorporated) NBC.

I remember growing up and hearing the words “black boys” or “boys” referring to black adults, as something deemed racist and demeaning.  Evidently that’s simply another fascist way of shutting white people up and out of a conversation, since Liberal talking-head Michelle Bernard used it without constraint. Michael Brown wasn’t a “boy” but a young adult. Thus referring to him as a “boy”  is quite deeming.

Equally obvious, the usual suspects, the Liberal race hustlers, are alive and thriving in America.

The Brown Grand Jury decision to not indite was released just a few hours ago. And as expected the rioters and disgruntled didn’t disappoint as they behavior as criminals of the worst sort.

It’s impossible to get people to all agree on anything. But we should be able to agree that we must, as a civilized country, allow Justice to do what it does: examine evidence and witnesses.  In this case, Justice, consisting of 12 men and woman of varying “ethnic backgrounds”, came to their conclusions based on evidence and facts.  It found that Officer Wilson acted correctly in defending his life.  Of course, the professional race hustlers weren’t satisfied and probably wouldn’t be unless and until Wilson is punished for doing so.  And pathetically, our ‘leader-from-behind’ pontificated that we’re a “nation of laws”, just after he personally broke more of them. What standards has his regime set?

I hope our nation will survive the Reign of Hussein (sorry, but it’s melodious) and his lawless interpenetration of the law.  But looking at Ferguson, Missouri and the fools destroying their own home territory, it must make one wonder what kind of tripe these people believe.  Obama has been successful in spreading his corrupt, anti-American bigotry to much of the embittered bigots of the county. But when all is said and done, Michal Brown must take responsibly for his own death, just as Trayvon Martin. . .  and those are just facts. The facts have nothing to do with race and all to do with a ‘bad attitude’.

It’s a shame he was killed.  But facts show he was a bully and thief, at the very least. He fought with an officer of the law and paid a high price. He holds responsibly for his own personal actions. His parents will have to learn to live with that or feed hate as they shove blame on the innocent. These are truths all of us must learn to deal with, one way or another.

But biased fools like Al Sharpton haven’t got the good sense, common sense or human decency which would require him to shut up — instead of spreading his disease of “racism”.  King Barack, as he did with the Martin-Zimmerman case, jumped  in to proliferate his personal views on this case, when he knew no facts.  Thus he too, created a racist environment where there was none. He, as Eric Holder, are shameless and hold some responsibility for the chaos they so love, in Ferguson and beyond.

rioting fools in fergusonI pray calmer minds will prevail sooner rather than later. The chaos, riots and looting in Ferguson, are the results of angered, bitter souls — not racism, except on the part of many of the rioters. They believed the lie, bought the lie, propagated the lie because they choose  to desire the lie. They never were willing to allow Justice to move forward because justice they’re incapable of accepting that true justice is not our personal opinion. The riots, looters and “race mongers” never wanted “justice” — but revenge for their personal, false opinion.  As a nation of laws, we should all show respect for our judicial system, even when we disagree with its outcome.



2 comments on “Ferguson, Missouri: Justice Isn’t Our Personal Opinion . . . Nor Is It Revenge

  1. conservatisthandbook
    November 25, 2014

    haha… You used Al Sharpton and human decency in the same sentence. Of course none of this was about justice or anything noble. This was about a chance to steal TV’s, cigarettes and iphones.


    • RightyPunditry
      November 26, 2014

      yep, I sho did… to show his negatives. The man has no decency; animals show more decency than that man ever has.
      Brown committed suicide and a cop was protecting himself. If the thug Brown had killed the cop, no doubt it would never have made the biased news.


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