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“Boss” Obama And His Illegal Alien Assault On American Citizens: “Who’s Your Daddy” Now?

There’s a great deal of dispute over the number of America citizens that illegals aliens have killed the last 20 years.  Even the numbers of Americans who’ve died as victims of some illegal’s drunk driving, assaults, murder and rape resulting in murder are hard to pin down . . . in part no doubt, because government doesn’t want to keep track of the numbers. And the fact that the biased Liberal controlled media, redact and distort these numbers to protect “undocumented”, aka illegals aliens, squatting in America. (here)

But there can be no doubt that numbers are in the thousands.

victims of illegals

A few of the American souls killed by ILLEGALS

Statistic state that 2,977 Americans and legal immigrants, were killed on 9/11 (I will not count the terrorist in my numbers). It’s extremely relevant that some statistic have stated that some “4,380 Americans are murdered annually by illegal aliens, more than the U.S. death toll of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. That’s more than 30,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens since Sept. 11, 2001”. See: here and here

Whether it’s 5,000 year or just one, any American needless killed by an illegal, who’s been all but welcomed into America, should outrage every American.  Of course, we know it doesn’t anger a devout Liberal. There irrational rationality is so warped and twisted as to be beyond recovery. They see the fact Americans are killed by an “illegal” as rather irrelevant.


Emperor Obama

This is why Barack Hussein ‘Soto’ Obama’s actions are so vile, illegal and unconstitutional, as he moves forward today to grant a defacto amnesty of millions of illegals.  All of which he’s fully aware.  (here )

The President’s primary job is to: protect America and it’s citizens. When a President willfully and knowingly does not protect citizens, he’s not just joining in ‘dereliction of duty’ of his office, he’s committing a form of treason against the people.  Obama participated ‘in the dark world of Chicago thuggery’ and has brought that to D.C.

Barack Hussein Obama isn’t President of the United States, he’s behaving more like a Mafia “boss”.

He’s has been unlawfully importing illegals from Mexico and South America for months and years while disallowing Border Agents to do their job.  All the illegal “children” flooding the borders of Texas was a well thought out, planned invasion. All part of the plan to eventually legalize millions of non-Americans to live off of the wealth and labor of American citizens. All part of Obama’s plan to “transform” America into something it was never created to be:  a welfare-entitlement nation controlled by one party and one man.


“Who’s yo daddy?”

It’s more than Obama’s personal plot to change the very soul of America. It’s also intentionally looking the other way while Americans are killed, murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted by illegal aliens who’ve been allowed, and encouraged by Obama, to come to America.

Democrats have proven they don’t care about the lives of Americans.  They celebrate the murder of children by late-term abortions, without qualm.  They’ve done nothing positive to help the families and children suffering under the rule of “Boss” Obama and his personal political agenda of “transformation”. They ignore the fathers, mothers and children killed by illegals which Democrats have refused to deport or jail.

Obama and the Democrats rattle their swords while shouting ‘We must stop separating families, by deporting “undocumented citizens!”.

But there is no greater “separation of families’ than having a family member killed by an illegal alien who should never have been in this country to begin with.

The people  and the ‘families’, who pull at the (cold) heartstrings of Liberals are the illegal alien, the Future Democrats of America.

One thing is for certain, these illegals know “Who’s your daddy” and it’s not :The Zombies, Gene Wilder, Denzel Washington playing Coach Boone or Superfly — but Barack Hussein Obama and his complaint, equally guilt Democrat Party.




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