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Liberals Moan Over Name “Redskins” As They Applaud “Sex Fist” “Anal Sex” And “Sex Postions”

hrWhile Obama’s Federal Communications Commission obsesses over liberal concerns like the under-regulation of the Internet and whether “Redskins” is a profanity, broadcast television is sleazier than ever.

As The Hollywood Reporter recently noted, “Nearly two months into the fall, it’s clear that explicit jokes and boundary-pushing storylines are changing the definition of what sexual content is acceptable in primetime.” For example, the Sept. 16 season premiere of the Fox sitcom “New Girl” featured star Zooey Deschanel repeatedly muttering “sex fist” as a motto for five friends all succeeding at casual sex after the last wedding of the summer. “Multiple fisting jokes followed,” they reported.

“We got away with murder,” executive producer Brett Baer told the Reporter after the premiere. “We’ve given broadcast standards a run for their money.” The real question is whether there are any barriers to sleaze, or merely a ban on saying “Redskins.”

Over on Fox’s “The Mindy Project,” nearly an entire episode focused on star Mindy Kaling and her boyfriend debating whether he “slipped” into anal sex. That led to discussions of sexual positions, including the “necktie,” the “ascot” and the “bagpipe.” here

Yawn . . .  sigh . . .yep,  just more of the maggot-minded agenda of the Left. Do Americans even care?

A show titled “Christian Bitches” was approved by ABC, but their shoving of that tripe, down our throats thankfully, backfired. And all the while, these same Liberal thinkers were bemoaning the “racist”, “bigoted” term (which it is not), of the Washington ‘Redskins’.

We must conclude that if hypocrisy had a Antonym, it would be Liberalism.

This isn’t new or something which I haven’t decried and explored many times.  But it is frustrating when Conservatives see what is so clear, while our Liberal friends keep banging around in the dark, muttering how much smarter they are, when they’re nothing but blind Mole Rats.  A broken clock is correct twice a day.  I’ve yet to see any Liberal agenda be correct even once.

The Secular Liberal has been a more imminent threat to America than al Qaeda or ISIS and for much longer. We’ve fought Liberal Presidents and Congresses for decades, losing many of the battles, but their oppressive presence throughout our society has continued to be destructive. Those poor twisted, distorted lost minds are embedded in our public schools, news media, entertainment, business and the voting public  . .  and they have successfully brought smut, and worse, into ‘main stream’ of acceptance.

liberalismWe no longer have many protests or boycotts, as America tunes in every week to watch their favorite Smutty Soft-Porn programs. We’ve grown familiar and familiarity can grow complacency. The ‘family hour’ is as dead as Christ in the class rooms or prayers on the football field. It’s much easier and much more accommodating to our personal ‘sin nature’, to agree it doesn’t matter.  We “all do it”, we “all say it” and we  can all end up simply accepting the garage on the table. That’s the way every society is taken down, lost and thrown on that rubbish heap of former great nations.  Where is the “great” in Great Britain or the “great” Roman Empire?  Where are Sodom or Gomorrah for that matter? Gone.

American is well on that path as we replace prayer with apathy. As we look the other way, or worse yet, watch. The phony “war on women”, which was contrived by Democrats to scourge Republicans, is coming directly from Liberalism. Young women, older women, little girls . . . are all sex objects and they, as well as society, are told to applaud their ‘freedom and independence.  The fact is, they’re being sold into smut slavery.

Liberalism is a disease of the mind and soul. Once accepted, it “feels” so right, as it snuggles up to our lost, fulfilled souls. And like cancer, it just continues to spread and until it might be too late for reversal.


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