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King Dictator In Chief Set To Legalize All That’s Illegal And Unconstitutional

illegals“The President has no authority to do this. It’s against the law,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Wednesday night, after Fox News reported that President Obama will grant temporary legal status to some 4.5 million illegal immigrants with U.S.-born children next week.

By vastly expanding temporary amnesty to millions more illegal aliens, President Obama is doing explicitly what Congress has refused to do, Sessions said. He called it a “threat to the constitutional order.” here

As we, the ‘stupid American voters’ (thank you, Sir Liar Gruber) know, that won’t stop this tyranny-drive Barack Hussein Obama in his personal, destructive assault and his America.  Obama doesn’t care a twit what is legal nor Constitutional.  His plan was and is to deconstruct American and make it in his ‘own image’.   He’ll have millions and millions of ignorant, illiterate, criminal illegals receiving voter ballots, Welfare and various other goodies. The remain working Americans, that would be those of us who are given the finger by this regime, will also be paying for this Obama/ Democrat agenda. And there will also be. . . no end in sight.

His plan all along was to literally import these illegals alien kids so they could bring over maw and paw, auntie and unclie . . .  and whoever else wants to join the family. Importing millions of illegals and granting whatever illegality he can to the millions already here, will permanently and irrefutably change America forever.  A permanent underclass of Democrat voters, looking to a government to give them ‘free stuff’.

The dunderheaded Republicans, aka Boehner and McConnell, have already announced they won’t move to Impeach this tyrannical, self-appointed king Obama.  Boehner also announced he wont’ “shut down the government”, meaning — cut Obama’s spending. Insanity . . . and which leaves Congress and American citizens with little to no recourse.  And no I can’t wait to hear all the empty rhetoric rolling out of their ridiculous mouths.

We must write our Congressman and demand they do what is right, legal and stand up for the Constitution. And pray. Pray a lot for America.


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