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Are Obama’s Pied Piper Days Behind Him?

obama_radical-leftBarack Hussein Obama, our first dear “leader-from-behind” was given a big’ole boot up the keister in the 2014 mid-term election.  The Republicans had their largest Congressional victory since 1946. Not by accident and not by anything the GOP did. But because America was clearly saying NO to Obama, his compliment Democrat Congressional drones and his polices of failure.

What will Obama do?  He said he “heard the voters” . . . hahah . . .  because he also said he heard the people who said nary a word, the non-voters.  Possibility much like the ” “corpse-man”” Obama told us he saw?

But Obama won’t change or tilt or ‘move to the center’ or anything other rational thing. He’s most likely mad as hell and won’t get over it anytime before 2020. He has no interest in working with Republicans, but continuing down the path of walking over them.  That’s just who this petty, small man is.

But will his dutiful drones continue to follow their Pied Piper Leader-from-behind. Maybe yes and maybe no.

Congress was running from Barack as if he had Ebola.  The “Millennials” decided he had lost his luster, probably because they were tired of shacking up in Mom and Dad’s basement, and voted for Republican.

But never fear devoted Socialist — there’s always a new herd of drones graduating every Spring. They will joyfully . . . umm, more actually, filled with bitter yet apathetical rage, be ready to follow whatever Drone Master you offer up.

And the oppressive Socialist agenda of the Democrat Party, is something we thinking people will always have to fight and drive back like the plague it is.


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