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Are You Part Of The “Gimme Class” of American?

democrat planation 2I had a comment the other day, from a well-meaning Poster.  It’s not a particularly unusual statement, but something I decided to expanded upon.

These types of comments come from the devoted but ill-informed and uninformed Democrat voter. Not to overly criticism these people, but in all honesty — we are all responsible for our actions, our education and ourselves. Way too many people now seem to believe that it’s our Government’s job to ‘give us this’ and ‘give us that’.  These are the people who keep voting for Socialist Democrats and their radical, failed agenda.  The “Gimme Class of Americans”.

This gentleman’s comments revolved around his desire for Republicans and Democrats being “bipartisan” and working together to provide and do, for Americans.  Sounds admiral, I agree. But it’s no longer something grounded in reality.

Barack Hussein Obama and his cohorts-in-criminal- activity in Congress, the Democrats, have no interest in bipartisanship or working Republican.  That is the ‘reality’.  It’s also factual that Conservatives were aware of what would transpire, long before our partisan Barack took office.  Sadly we’re weren’t disappointed.  Obama and the Democrats had one goal in 2008: Do whatever they wanted and extinguish all competition and dissenting voices — the Republicans.

So, how do you work with someone who agrees with nothing you do, say or want for America?  How do you work with a person or group who has no regard for the Constitutions or Law? How do you have bipartisanship with those who are determined not to?  If you believe American law should be enforced and upheld, how do you work with those who do not?  If you believe a baby is a viable, sustainable life after 14 weeks and to abort it would be wrong, how do you work with those who believe in abortion up to the hour of birth?

How do you work with a President who infers that you’re a racist because of your political Party association?  How do you work with Democrats who call your racist, for the same reason or that you’re “white”?  How do you pass bills when the Democrat controlled Senate refuses to introduce your bills to the floor for discussion or vote?

How do you work with a Congress on “obamacare” when the Democrats refuse to allow you to add or introduce a anything of your concerns for debate?  How do you do that, when you and your Party are completely shut off?

And yet, all we hear from Barack Hussein Obama and the corrupt Democrats is what “obstructionist” the Republicans are.  How they won’t add to the conversation or “work in” Obama.  Lies, lies and more lies — against those who falsely claim, are not “working with” Obama.

I don’t believe it isn’t the duty of political Parties to work together. . .  not when one Party refused to do with ethically.  But foremost, our Representatives are to represent the people who sent them to office. When a politician says he does can not support “socialized medicine”(which is more Socialism), as the highly disliked “obamacare”, then he should not.

So, where those Democrats that were willing to work in a “bipartisan” fashion, with the Republicans to come up with a bill they might be able to endorse?  They didn’t exist.  Obama and the radial Democrat’s agenda was to push through another socialists burdensome, controlling mandate on America.  They were successful.

And so, there can be no “bipartisanship” in Congress or with the man referred to as President, who’s only desire is to push is radical, socialist agenda on many in the unsuspecting, uninformed public.  The “low information voter” who believe those ‘pretty little lies’ when they hear it.

Here are the Government’s bipartisan concerns in this gentleman’s comments:

1.  Help people with “health care”

2.  Help people with “jobs”

3.  Help people with “education”

4.  Help “the sick”

5.  Help “the poor”

6.  Help “the children”

7.  Help people not to “suffer”

Breathtaking.  About all I could take time for was to educate him on one fact.  Government is NOT responsible for any of those “helps” he wanted. Nor should it be if you want to be free.

As a free human being, living in the “land of the free”, we can and should do all of those things ourselves. What do people thing freedom is for? Being paid to go on vacation? To never struggle and work to achieve on their own merits?

We the people have the obligation to educate ourselves.  If a school is lousy, find the way to educate yourself with the simple basics, like speaking correct English grammar, learning basic math, reading and understanding the Constitution — all of which will take you a long way.

If a person is burdened with feeding the poor, the sick, the elderly and the children — DONATE your money or your time to a private organization which exists for those purposes!  It is NOT up to Government to do those things. When government gets involved, those things grow worse, which has been proved.  The Democrats began a “war on poverty” in the ’60’s.  It’s still going on and we as a country have more “poor” today, than ever before.  Liberal policies create impoverishment.

As for our current ‘government controlled’ Public schools, they don’t teach — they propagandize. Too many teaches “liberal ideology”, “social justice” and other mandate garbage and create the illiterate, uninformed and stupid.  Not requiring respect, not punishing, not spanking means spoiled brats bringing weapons to school because no one at home, or school much less church, taught them to respect others.

gime free stuffGovernment isn’t gong to stop “suffering” Government intrusion causes more suffering. There is little worse than government having laws, regulation, mandates and taxes in and on everything and everyone.  Government doesn’t fix problems — Government creates problems.  But the ignorant and ill-informed among us look to the Democrat-driven-agenda of “government knows best”. They want Government to give, give and give, which means taking, taking and taking  . . . for other citizens.  Providing what some are not willing to work for themselves. There is no “fee Obama phone” or free “obamacare” — someone is paying, paying and paying for what others will not.

We’re no longer the pioneer stock which fought tooth and nail, everyday, as they crossed the open land called America.  OK, that’s not me either!  But I know how to take care of myself, my family, our personal needs, read, study and  . . . and think. It’s our responsibility to do these things for ourselves.

When we allow or vote for Government to step into our daily lives in such an intrusive manner, we’re no longer a free people.  We’re serfs, prisoners and slaves on the Government Plantation.  And that Plantation doesn’t give a flip about what we want.  Big Government is in the business of controlling, or eliminating, the masses who stand in its way. Strong central government looks to eliminate its competition and silence its adversaries.  Look at history for those facts. Look at our current Federal government, spying on Americans, spying on reporters, controlling the news media.  Then look into the agenda of radical Leftist in Government . . . these are the same people.

 The comments from a Blogger: (name redact to protect the guilty – and not to embarrass)

“why such a problem with bipartisanship? I mean isn’t that the what our country was built on? Bipartisan agreement is probably the only way the people can truly say there is a victory for any political party. bipartisanship is both parties coming together; therefore, the Republican Party should be as willing as to respect and cooperate with the Democratic Party. Though you may be right, it is the DUTY of BOTH the democrats and republicans to do right for the people, which involves putting aside differences and points of view regardless of how “important” they may be to better the people that they serve. So yes the people vote for what and who they want but the representatives elected need to do and fight for what the people need, and that goes for ALL the people. If they need health care help them, jobs, help them, education HELP THEM, do what is necessary for all the people rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight. Help the sick people, help the poor people, help the children! Regardless of beliefs or background or political party. Why should we said around and suffer while those SQUABBLING REPTILES WE CALL LEADERS point fingers at each other like children, so the DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS need to get it together FAST because we are standing still and will soon be on the verge of going backwards”

7 comments on “Are You Part Of The “Gimme Class” of American?

  1. Lorra B.
    November 6, 2014

    I LOVED this post! You are sooooo spot on Punditry. What some folks tend to want is the best of both worlds. ‘I want you to help people with XYZ problems and concerns…..BUT, I want to be free and not be either held accountable OR told what to do in any fashion.’ Well, you must not be living on the same continent as I for what you ask is not of it folks!! But, is it really the fault of these Dems with high-hopes of saving the world or is it the long-standing way the government has entitled America?? Hmmmm. Most definitely both in my estimation. I have ZERO problem with helping out citizens who have ‘paid their time’ working hard but have fallen sick or some other unfortunate issue. I do, however, take great issue with the ones who refuse to work and simply use the system…a system of which has entitled them. What a vicious cycle. Sigh.

    I am going to copy and paste this, giving your blog all the credit of course. Good Stuff!


    • RightyPunditry
      November 7, 2014

      Thank you so very much! On occasion, a Poster will get me fired up… LOL (and once again, WP put your comment in Spam so that was the delay)

      Your comment appears to run the same line as the Post I added this morning. People who ‘don’t get it’, want freedom of America by access to Other Peoples Money, via big Government Socialism. You’re right on point.


      • Lorra B.
        November 7, 2014

        I now ALWAYS check my spam every day because of it….LOLOL! Frustrating isn’t it? UGH… :-)


      • RightyPunditry
        November 7, 2014

        I check it every day usually twice… silly it happens with ppl who’ve been ‘approved’.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lorra B.
        November 7, 2014

        IKR!?! ;(

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Lorra B.
    November 6, 2014

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