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Message To Republicans: STOP OBAMA

Republicans were elected for on reason. Stop Obama and the Democrats radical Socialist agenda.

The GOP ran on nothing and said nothing. There mandate however, according to the State victories, is a rejection of Obama and Democrats.

You weren’t elected to “Work with Obama” or the Democrats but to STOP THEM.




9 comments on “Message To Republicans: STOP OBAMA

  1. charleshemp64
    November 5, 2014

    why such a problem with bipartisanship? I mean isn’t that the what our country was built on? Bipartisan agreement is probably the only way the people can truly say there is a victory for any political party.


    • RightyPunditry
      November 5, 2014

      No, you’re completely wrong. People VOTE for what they want… or think a political will do. Obama’s radical agenda to “transform” America has been rejected… and by his unconstitutional, illegal actions, he legally should be Impeached. People VOTE FOR partisanship… surely you know that?
      The Democrats were NEVER “working” with Republicans, as the Sen. leader Harry Reid, never brought up one of their 300 + bills…. they never offer true “bipartisanship” but solely their agenda. Possibly, the Democrats should be treated the same.

      “bipartisanship” is a phony term used by Dems/Liberals in a attempt to blackmail their opposition.

      Stand for what you believe, be honest about and let the votes fall where they should.


      • charleshemp64
        November 5, 2014

        bipartisanship is both parties coming together; therefore, the Republican Party should be as willing as to respect and cooperate with the Democratic Party. Though you may be right, it is the DUTY of BOTH the democrats and republicans to do right for the people, which involves putting aside differences and points of view regardless of how “important” they may be to better the people that they serve. So yes the people vote for what and who they want but the representatives elected need to do and fight for what the people need, and that goes for ALL the people. If they need health care help them, jobs, help them, education HELP THEM, do what is necessary for all the people rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight. Help the sick people, help the poor people, help the children! Regardless of beliefs or background or political party. Why should we said around and suffer while those SQUABBLING REPTILES WE CALL LEADERS point fingers at each other like children, so the DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS need to get it together FAST because we are standing still and will soon be on the verge of going backwards.


  2. Paul H. Lemmen
    November 5, 2014

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  3. Gunny G
    November 5, 2014
  4. RightyPunditry
    November 5, 2014

    “bipartisanship is both parties coming together; therefore, the Republican Party should be as willing as to respect and cooperate with the Democratic Party.”

    I know what the definition is. Obviously the Democratss do not, so make it your job to tell.. *correction – demand that Harry Reid & Obama understand the meaning and following through by working with the victors. They have yet to “work with” Republicans once in 6+ yrs. That is the fact… so your problem should be with Obama & his co-conspirators in Congress, the Democrats.

    2. It’s NOT the job of the Federal government to supply “healthcare” for people, education people, take care of sick people or ‘make’ jobs. It’s citizenship responsibility, as a free people, to care for yourself, get an education, work and take care of yourself and your family.
    Obama & Dems POLICIES are preventing more jobs, better paying jobs to be created by the creator of jobs — Americans business people. As long as Dems continue to punish job creators with their socialist laws, mandates, rules & regulations, and higher taxes — we’ll have no new jobs.

    3. If you’re “suffering” because of government — look at what the Democrats have done and are doing for decades. Killing the goose the lays the golden egg (jobs) by socialism. Get off your proverbial duff and educate yourself on capitalism vs. socialism.

    4. Obama has NO intention of ever working with Reps., so get for it. He will do what HE wants to do, regardless of the law/ constitution… just as he has been doing. Stop voting for failed Democrats.
    Government is never going to ‘give’ you anything of substance! ALL it is supposed to do is all you PERSONAL LIBERTY and protect you for law breakers. Obama/ Democrats are not even doing that. It just about is “too late”. Ignorance and laziness of the uninformed voter, is our destruction.


    • charleshemp64
      November 5, 2014

      CORRECT! The ignorance of the voter will be the end of us. But it’s merely just another pinprick in the daunting slaughter of the oligopolistic beast we know as the capitalistic system. Socialism is not the enemy; thought, capitalism is not our true ally. Is it so evil to be able to believe that in America the supposed “land of the free” the people actually have a chance? Am I a criminal for believing that the kinds in Atlanta Public Schools should be apart of a better system that allows them to really be able to compete in world where the “rich” kids are born with a head start? Isn’t that capitalism because it seems like the powers that be (the 1%) are intimidated by a little competition. But I must be the antichrist, to think that the “greatest” country on Earth is willing to take a major step forward by making healthcare available for all “citizens”. I am interested in your opinion on the healthcare systems of Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. Because proper combination of both capitalism and socialism is the only workable system. Why have any social systems? I guess that social security and public schools should be banned too? If I don’t have insurance I should be put out to die at the doorstep of the hospital that can help me. Does that really sound right?
      But I digress, the true nature of this debate is the incompetence of our sniveling, childish “leaders” know as the democratic and republican “party”. George Washington (who warned us of this) is turning in his grave to see how the weak democrats and the oblivious republicans watch as the United States falls into a dark time worse than Channey(Bush), Hoover, and Nixon’s administrations combined. Therefore I stand by the fact that these low life, disgusting creatures known as politicians need to grow up and work together before the true enemy of both capitalism and socialism reaper. So please correct Gov. Deal, correct that lunatic Ted Cruz, and help the new senate (which I congratulate y’all on your victory) to get some perspective on the reality of what the real Americans are going through.


  5. RightyPunditry
    November 6, 2014

    You sound as if you believe socialism/ communism is the nirvana we’ve been waiting for? Socialism, dear friend, IS the enemy, as is communism/ fascism, which is what Conservatives are and have been fighting against for generations.

    And why do you hate/ envy the “rich”, which is usually anyone with more money than another. Most people aren’t born with money but earn it, legally. NO reason to hate them.

    Capitalism doesn’t “limit competition” — socialism does! You need to stop listening to the Liberal mantra. Hillsdale college has some FREE online courses and studies and they’re excellent. Found at: online.hillsdale.edu/

    Health care IS and always has been “available to all citizen” — what you want is FREE health insurance, which means it’s paid by other people. What’s “fair” about that? If you think so, go ask your neighbors for the money to buy it for you. In the real world, that’s known as ‘greed’ and ‘envy’. Pay for what you want and need. Go without the things that aren’t a necessity… what is wrong with working and saving instead of hating 1% which have manged to have more than you or me?

    “Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.” — they are Socialist based and FAILING. Americans will not like waiting 6 – 9 mo. to see a doctor for cancer, as is the cases in those countries & our V.A. with our Vets. Democats won’t tell you the truth about it…. I will. Constitutional Conservatives WILL because we want everyone to be “equally” informed and educated.

    Social Security is socialism, but I never said “ban” it. Possibly bring it up for vote, in individual States and allow “we the people” to be informed and decide if we want to opt-out or not. It was forced on an unwilling, un-wanting population under Dem. F D R. Government taking MY earned money by force and spending it on whatever it wants, and then deciding when and how much to return to ME… is NOT good. We’re adults and can save/ invest money on our own.

    Public schools are a disaster, thanks to liberal government intrusion… you complain about public schools in your town and yet… want big gov. controlled school systems?

    First why do you, or anyone, believe they deserve FREE medical “help”? Why do people think they should get anything for FREE? There are ways to make an improved insurance system/ medical care – proposed by many Repub. which Dems refuse to add to the conversation. Implementing fewer gov. regulations and opening up bids state wide, would bring down cost. Pay for your Dr. visit and have insurance pay bigger bills — Democrats said no, because they want Gov. socialized care —– controlled by government bureaucrats.


  6. RightyPunditry
    November 6, 2014

    “low life, disgusting creatures ” – then stop voting for them. If you hate capitalism so much, wait long enough it won’t exist — then you and yours and live the life of horror under Marxist, murdering dictator, who will take over.

    Cruz is one of the few, smart men in D.C. — and there we have your basic problem of ignorance of the Constitution and how things work.

    I am not a Republican, but a Constitutional appreciating Conservative. I don’t trust these democrat leaning, close to Liberal Republicans any more than Socialist Democrats. We will not have what is need if and until our Constitution is restored and respected.


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