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Dying With “Dignity”?

life2The definition of “dignity”: bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation;  nobility or elevation of character; worthiness;  a sign or token of respect

“Dying with dignity” is more”liberal terminology” to distort the truth. As I’ve long said, everything Liberals believe is backasswards.

Committing suicide, which is the correct terminology, is not dying with dignity. . . it’s making a rather irrational decision for a variety of ‘reason’, to stop living. What is worth of “self-respect”, “appreciation of an occasion”, “worthy” or should be shown a “token of respect” with suicide? “Dying with dignify” in referring to suicide is clearly and simply a twisting of the meaning of a word.

I will also presume that the majority, if not all of those making such a choice, believe they will go ‘quietly into that good night’, where they will either cease to exist or will be a peace with ‘god’ or whatever “higher intelligence” they choose to believe might be ‘over the rainbow’.  But it’s a choice with no reversal.  Once completed, their choice and fate is sealed eternally.

What is utterling disturbing is news articles, anchors and commentators who appear to applaud a young woman’s  recent decision  to commit suicide, as something wonderful and filled with “dignity” (one such article here), but all the major networks followed with much the same comments. And why would suicide be glorified as “dignified” and “brave”? Everything Liberals believe is backasswards.

Liberalism doesn’t respect life . . . except their own, of course. When they have the financial means, or can force others to pay for their want via other taxpayers, they will spend über amounts to find cures . . or freeze body parts to be brought back later, in the phony cryonics scam. But as for those who choose to kill themselves or their own children (abortion), that’s bravery and their “right”.  Because everything Liberals believe is backasswards.

Choosing to muddle through the life God has given, takes much more bravery and “dignity” than suicide. Life is hard and no one, except some fool with rose-colored glasses and a big bank account, will tell you otherwise. We will get sick, we will hurt, we will suffer, we will have and feel pain . . . we will suffer the lost of children, family members, homes, finances or closes friend. It’s all part of living.

So possibly it’s the way we choose to view life, and death, that is more important?  After all, it must be very hard to live life and the inevitable death, without hope of the life we’ll have, after this life.

Choosing to commit suicide, as choosing to abort your own child, is nothing to be applauded or considered dignified or brave. It’s more likely a decision made from fear or ignorance.

As a Christian, I know suicide is against God’s directives for us.  He gives life and He choose when our time is over on earth.  We actually used to have laws against suicide and murder (abortion), but the Liberal ideology has ravaged our country like a cancer and made both of those ‘acceptable’.  But it’s not acceptable to the clear thinking. What we have now, is a nation living under the assault of liberalism.

I wonder if those killing themselves were honestly faced with the facts, if they’d change their mind? There is no “peace” after death.  There is no ‘sweet valley of light and love’.  There is fear and loneliness, no doubt, for those who have died without Christ as their personal Savior. They await their judgment . . . and that judgment is final and already completed by their decision to reject Christ. There will be eternal torment, separated from God, godliness, love and peace. Do they know that? Are they aware of what awaits them?

Dignity is in living — despite the horrid circumstance we might face.  There is no dignity in suicide, and having media glorify this act of self-murder, is vile and ungodly. The same media, who musters a tear drop when a bullied teen girl kills herself,  also applauded another person’s suicide! Where is their glorifying in “dignity” in that?

I’m not making judgments on a personal choice, but I am judging Liberalism and a Liberal controlled media who glories these acts, which are wrong. I hope the young woman who recently killed herself was a Believer. If so, she did found peace and rest, after her short 29 years. I also hope, and pray, this will not become such a political issue that Democrats will ‘fight’ for the “right to die” (government endorsed killing) as they did with abortions.  American has enough blood on her hands.



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