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Obama Needs A “Reset” — In Russia

putin-spanks-obama-targeted-sanctions-600While many artists in Moscow appear to fawn over Russian President Vladimir Putin in a brand-new exhibit, apparently they don’t have the same affection for U.S. President Barack Obama.

The political gallery titled “No Filters” opened Friday in Moscow, featuring the work of some 100 cartoonists.

Most of the caricatures depict Putin in a positive light, as a strong, savvy, global chess master, while Obama appears to be a dishonest, political midget who is weak, tuckered out and even harms the environment.

One striking image titled “Targeted Sanctions” shows Putin as a father figure holding Barack Obama, who has the body of a boy, over his knee to deliver a spanking. The caricature pokes fun at America’s economic strategy against Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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Our poor dear leader-from-behind, is really from behind.  In light of his enormous failure with Russia to “reset” relationship he swore George W. Bush ruined, it appears Putin and company don’t care much for our dear leader-from-behind after all.  Literally, this is of no surprise.

This is one of the many paintings of less than Obama fans. I supposed I should be embarrassed for our dear leader, but I’m more embarrassed for America for having placed this ill-equipped Socialist in office — twice. At least Putin is more open with his KGB background and unintimidated in people knowing he’s a raving communist.  Obama still thinks he has people fooled . . . when he don’t.

Russian can a laughed at Obama.  He is a failure, as ‘success’ is normally defined. But in fact, like Putin, he has succeeded in all the ill-conceived plots he had on America. He and those in his regime, have proven that they’re as corrupt, dirty and full of fabrications as any other creepy fascist in world country.  His designs to “transform” a wonderful country into some 3rd Banana Republic is just about accomplished. This was predicted by Conservatives, who had to sit by and watch this horrid man and his ‘Chicago thugs’, destroy what took good men years to accomplish: small government, controlled by a Constitutional, free Republic.

Ah, what a pity.




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