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Corrupt Media:The Extended Branch Of The Democrat Party

wend_bag davisDespite a plethora of Democratic candidates this year who have embarrassed their party – from Wendy Davis attacking her opponent’s disability to Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Grimes refusing to say if she voted for the President to Nikki Haley’s Democratic male opponent calling her a whorethe Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks have been almost silent in airing these stories on their evening and morning shows.

This is a far cry from past elections in which the networks were all too ready to use the embarrassments and scandals of Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Todd Akin to whack the entire Republican party.
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This is a good article by News Busters’, Geoffrey Dickens.  It’s a through examination of the ‘news media’ exploits in Democrat compliancy. The corrupt networks NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC along with the ‘movie/ television industry, have made themselves the not so hidden Third Party in America. A hidden Party which is more correctly, the third arm of the Democrat Party, which promotes all things Democrat while ‘investigating’ and ranting over most all things Republican.

corrupt media

All news leaning LEFT for the Socialist Democrat Party

Democrat Wendy Davis in Texas, who was the precious media darling of the Liberal media . . . that is until it became clear she was a bust and a bomb as a candidate. Davis was caught in so many lies, there was no place for her to go.  She proclaimed herself to be ‘self made’ and “struggling” “single Mom”, when the facts are that she was hiding her ‘silver spoon’ and a husband who took care of the kids (their kids) while she went off to college. College paid for by same husband. It’s been downhill for ole Wendy ever since last Spring. The media had to leave her in the dust she created.

Did you hear about that on ABC, CBS, NBC. . . . anywhere?  Doubtful. The devote Democrat media tries to report only those tidbits helpful, or useful, to the Democrats.

This is never true of anyone with a R by the name. The Palin family has been horrifically maligned, mocked and pointed too as idiots, as so-called news anchors laughed at physical assaults against a young daughter (here ). Palin’s son was ridiculed because he was retarded, as if that were his, or her, fault? No, any Republican is spied on with binoculars (literally in the case of Gov. Palin).  This would be acceptable, even their jobs…… were the same standards applied to Democrats.

The ‘new media’ is online which is one of the few places you can find some diverse, even accurate information.  Even some of ABC and NBC’s online editors get the facts!  But not always and not dependably.

It’s a crime which should have consequence.  Unfortunately, the Left is so embedded in every aspect of our society, that there seems little official  recourse. It’s up to independent thinkers to seek out accurate information. Our Founders must be shaking their heads with great remorse.


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