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NBC To Create Another Bomb For Television Mocking ‘Church Goers’

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NBC – Always Leaning Left

“….a new series for NBC. The currently untitled new series will be centered around “a young, agnostic woman who inherits a church and the crew of strong-willed characters who make up her new community.”

A.V Club described the church goers as “colorful” (Read: eccentric and/or stupid with a fair dose of hypocrisy thrown in). It’s been a long time since Hollywood produced a TV show in which religious characters weren’t villainous hypocrites or hopelessly naïve kooks. One need look no further than ABC’s controversial originally titled Good Christian B*tches, which was cancelled after just 10 episodes over its mockery of respectable church-going women on Sunday who become lusty, gossip crazed rivals the rest of the week.

While the denomination of the church hasn’t been disclosed yet, Poehler herself was raised Catholic and she isn’t shy about deriding her old faith. In one “S.N.L” skit, she made fun of “Catholic politicians for trying to restrict the use of birth control.” – See more at: here

No doubt this will be another blockbuster following in the footsteps of Good Christian B*tches.  They even tried changing the name to G.C.B, in hopes of gaining an audience; but sadly, the American public wasn’t buying the tripe they were selling. But Liberals are never deterred, much like Carpenter ants or the flu, they continue their assault until victory is finally achieved.

There can be no doubt, that this will be another TV show mocking and ridiculing “religious” people . . . those backwards, old ‘white’ folk who go to church more than once a year and believe (chortle chortle) that some invisible force called god is up there telling them what to do.  Or not do. Those would be the ‘bigoted, anti-leftist ideas’ such as — homosexuals are deprived people, suffering from the lack of ‘human rights’, whose deepest desire is to enjoy blessed wedlock, well, . . .  like so few Americans now do.  Has NBC not kept up with the decline of marriages the lasts 30 years?

Possibly NBC should concentrate on more important matters like a show scourging the name “Redskins”, headed by any openly gay soccer coach, who’s deeply troubled at not being able to marry is childhood friend, who used to be a girl before becoming a boy, and now is hopelessly “gender confused”.

walkingdeadIn any case, if we’re fortunate, NBC will be capable of keeping the word “Christian” and “bitches” out of their next title. Possibly looking at more tasteful terms like: “Tea Party Racist!” or “Homo Haters!”. That would certainly draw their ‘targeted’ audience?

In any case, I wouldn’t waste my brain watching.  I’ve become allergic to their bias and political bigotry.  Besides there’s bound to be a rerun of The Walking Dead on some where!



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